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New Delhi, India (PressExposure) December 24, 2009 -- What is cord-blood banking, and is it right for you? This question generally strikes parent's mind.

On the day you deliver your baby, you'll probably be overcome with visions of your future with your child - first smiles and steps, birthday parties and sports events, and holidays and life milestones. Your little one ever becoming seriously ill will probably be the last thing on your mind. Before parents were not aware of this banking but now parents are aware of the importance of health of their children and they make a choice of doing Cord blood banking before their baby is born that might impact the future health of their child and even their family or other children. Wise parents have started banking their newborn's cord blood.

"The miracle is not just your baby. It's Cord that comes attached"

Now when parent thinks about getting cord blood banked question arises in their mind about how to proceed further?, where should they bank?, which is the best bank for their baby?, what are the charges for banking?, how cord blood can be useful in future?, what is cord blood stem cell transplant?, etc and all these queries of parents are answered and solved by the SCGF expert by giving parents a counseling and connecting the parents to the best bank which suites their interests and requirements like location, cost, facility etc.

When we contacted one of the parent who had done with cord blood banking says "when my wife was expecting we came to know about this Bio-Insurance i.e. Cord Blood banking and we searched online and came across SCGF website. After going through their site I called them and asked about cord blood banking and SCGF made me put in touch with all the cord blood banks with their pros and cons and solving our queries related to expenses and location and gave us the best option for getting my baby's cord blood saved so that we could make us of it in our tough times.

So Cord blood banking is a bioinsurance and every parent should do it for their baby's life and personally recommend SCGF for getting counseling for getting answers to your queries and finding right bank" SCGF with its cord blood banks is committed to helping parents from around the world by successfully storing their baby's cord blood. We receive cord blood from almost any country in the world; we now have joined with local partners. Our carefully selected local partners will handle all the paperwork and logistics so that you can focus on your baby.

If you are going to deliver in any other country, we provide you information about the procedures and fees and countries with parents currently storing their baby's cord blood with SCGF banks in NORTH AMERICA: United States, Canada, Mexico. EUROPE: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Turkey. ASIA: China, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore. SOUTH AMERICA: Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador. CENTRAL AMERICA Costa Rica, Panama. CARIBBEAN: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico. MIDDLE EAST: Israel. United Arab Emirates, Turkey. OCEANIA: Australia, New Zealand.

Storing Cord Blood increases the chance that if someone in your family needs a stem cell transplant; so save cord blood for your loved ones.

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