Cordlife India Offers Advanced Cord Blood Storage In India for future treatments

Kolkata, India (PressExposure) August 01, 2011 -- The medical facilities in India are improving with the improvement and advancement of medical science. Many infrastructures are coming up with specialized treatment facilities for some of the life threatening diseases. Treatments for cancer, Thalassemia, Anemia are considered to be controlled by medical science. With much advancement to this prominent field, there is a huge growth of super specialty hospitals and clinics all over India.

Cord blood or the placental blood or the umbilical cord blood is considered as a vital resource for treatment of blood related disorders like Thalassemia, Leukemia or Anemia. Many other nerve disorders and blood related disorders also can be treated with such placental cord bloods. In India almost 90% of the umbilical cord along with cord blood is destroyed and discarded just after child birth. With proper collection and storage of this cord and cord blood any person can get benefited with identical blood disorders.

Cordlife India has come up with their high-tech facilities to offer a ray of hope for Thalassemia patients after their successful treatment of Moinam (A child with born Thalassemia disorder). The facility offered by Cordlife India helped the parents to preserve their siblings cord blood with profuse hygienic conditions which was used for the first ever mixed stem cell transplant. With utmost care and concern for best practices Cordlife India offers an admirable environment in protecting the stem cells for treatment of such blood related dysfunctions.

Cordlife India is working proactively to offer pre-born education for would-be parents along with parental education. Their parental tips serve as a dedicated initiative to create an awareness to save umbilical cord and cord blood for future treatment of diseases. Cordlife is extending its facilities to save cord blood stem cells with its cryogenic facilities. Speaking about their initiatives, a spokesperson from Cordlife India enunciates, - "We offer a state of the art facility to preserve your baby's cord blood. Our stem cell banking system helps you to get treatment for most of the blood related dysfunctions in future. We serve to make you aware about the importance of this precious cord blood. We encourage cord blood banking with a high-tech infrastructure. You can view our procedures of collection, sterilization and storage on our web portal. We endeavor to make a healthy and happy life at least worry-free from blood borne disorders."

Interested to know about their advanced facilities for cord blood storage and preservation? Make a visit to their web portal at to know about them a little more, today!


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