Cordlife To Create Awareness On Cord Blood Banking To Help All The To-Be- Parents

Kolkata, India (PressExposure) July 29, 2011 -- In India there are many people who suffer from blood related diseases every year. Among these diseases some can be treated with lesser botheration and fewer expenses. But there are certain diseases like Thalassemia, Leukemia and Anemia, which are considered as deadly and life threatening diseases and are expensive to treat. Without regular medication and blood transfusion in many cases, the patient has to pay with his life at an earlier age.

The umbilical cord is the most vital link that develops and protects your child inside the womb. Stem cells compose a major portion of this cord blood and are considered to be vital for development of the child. During the process of delivery this cord blood along with the cord is discarded right after the birth of the child. This cord blood is successfully proven to be a significant resource to treat many deadly concerns in human beings. Blood cell dysfunctions can be effectively treated with derivatives of such cord blood. But due to lack of knowledge and proper pre-born education, normally people discard off this precious cord blood just after the birth of the child.

Cordlife India has ventured into pre-born education by making aware people about the importance of umbilical cord blood that can be collected and stored safely in cryogenic conditions and can be utilized in effective treatment of life threatening diseases like Thalassemia, Leukemia and Anemia. Cordlife India has elevated its facilities in India to offer this international facility to save and utilize cord blood. They have successfully treated a Thalassemia patient with transplant of mixed stem cells for the first time in India. This enunciates their expertise and excellence in stem cell banking and utilization.

Speaking about the cord blood bank India, a spokesperson from Cordlife India articulates, - "The treatment of such deadly diseases like Thalassemia is now possible with mixed stem cell transplant procedure. For this you need to preserve your cord blood which is normally discarded soon after the child birth. We offer you state of the art cord blood bank to preserve your cord blood for any future requirement. Not only Thalassemia, but many diseases those considered as incurable some years before, can be successfully treated with cord blood. This requires a mass awareness for the to-be parents to save their cord blood for future requirements. We have always believed that a proper awareness on parental tips and pre-born education will help people come up voluntarily to donate or preserve their own precious cord blood." Visit today to this portal at to know more!


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