Cordlife With Its Technological Advancement Stands Atop In Litmus Test Of Life

Kolkata, India (PressExposure) July 04, 2011 -- There are certain hematological disorders which affect the human life drastically to reduce the life expectancy up to a significant extent. Thalassemia, cerebral palsy, Leukemia are such forms of disorders which are most dangerous kind of physical disorders which accounts for a significant numbers of human mortality in India. These diseases can be cured or relived only with a stem cells transfusion from a 100% matched donor to the diseased receptor. While bone marrow transfusion is considered to the most effective treatment for such disorders, finding a 100% matching donor is always difficult. But with the recent developments to medical science the importance of cord blood as a significant source of stem cells, has torched a ray of life for the treatment of such disorders.

While stem cell transfusion is needed to treat a life-threatening disease, only two factors - HLA compatibility and stem cell count can predict the degree of survival. A transplant unit's stem cell count in relation to the recipient's body weight is called 'cell dose" and this is the most significant predicting indicator for overall transplant survival. In medical situations like haematological malignancies, the stem cells are to be procured and transplanted immediately.

Preserving Stem cells, and using them as and when required basis, is the key to success for such disorders. CordLife has come up with an ultra-modern facility to bring an advanced technique to confirm life assurance to the parents who bank their baby's cord blood. CordLife has also facilitated an international standard transplant procedure including treating diseases like cerebral palsy and leukemia through stem cell transplants. The cord blood which is discarded from the body of the newborn and cut off from the body of the mother can be saved for future treatments of such life threatening concerns.

CordLife announces a state-of-the-art infrastructure to treat such blood-borne disorders to successfully treat with a transplant procedure. While it is required to get a 100% match for bone marrow transfusion, it requires a 60% match for the cord blood for the same treatment. This accentuates the probability of success and can act as a life saver. A person do not need to undergo a strict procedure of procuring and transfusing at the same time keeping the clock ticking between the procurement and transfusion of stem cells, any more. Any one can save the cord blood with the cord blood bank and the stem cell bank of CordLife with explant technology so as to use it at the time of transfusion.

Speaking about their cutting-edge technologically advanced stem cell banking facility in India, the MD of Cordlife India, Mr. Meghnath Roy Chowdhury said, "Understanding our international presence and superior technology in preserving stem cells people approach us to preserve their child's cord blood during the birth for treatment of such hefty disorders. We deliver unmatched technology to save and transfuse the stem cells and the bone marrows for treatment of such deadly concerns." visit to understand this advanced procedure and take a step towards securing the cord blood for safety and security of your dear ones in future.

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