Could This Be The Answer To The Health Care Crisis?

Highland, Utah (PressExposure) June 11, 2008 -- Health care is the topic of conversation everywhere you go: newspapers, TV, even the presidential campaign. Mark Weisenburger, owner of Wellness Center Coaching believes that the answer is closer than we think. The answer is not government taking control over health care. It's not in saying the insurance companies are the evil empire and they should lower premiums.

"The physicians of the future will prescribe no medicine, but rather, will educate their patients in the care of the human frame and maintenance of good health." -- Thomas Edison circa 1902

It is this reason that Weisenburger is releasing his new report, "How To Increase Your Profits In 7 Simple Concepts" to the chiropractic community free of charge. "I feel that something needs to be done and done right now to stop the hemorrhaging of our heath care system. I believe that chiropractors are positioned to fulfill Edison's philosophy. This report will help chiropractors attract and retain more patients and show them how they can serve those patients better", said Mark.

The human body is an amazing machine and can heal itself if given the correct knowledge of maintenance and nutrition. The populist look to chiropractors as the answer for an injured back. However, those that understand chiropractic know that they can receive much more benefit from their knowledge than just and adjustment when they are having back pain.

Everyone is looking for someone to blame for the status of their health. When what we should be looking for is a solution rather than a band-aid. Good health comes down to us taking responsibility for ourselves. However, education by the proper authorities is needed in order for us to know what needs to be done.

Weisenburger said, "Everyday on the radio I hear an advertisement for free bunion removal. Shoot, they will even pay you $200 to have the surgery if you participate in their clinical study. I have nothing against the medical society, but my daughter had bunions on both feet at the first of the year. With a simple tool, now after 4 months, the bunions are 80% gone. No surgery or pain pills. That falls right into Edison's philosophy."

Could the answer to our health care crisis be as easy as looking at what was working thirty years ago and beyond, before the epidemic of high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes? Could the solution be as easy as empowering the public with new (or should I say old) knowledge?

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For more information: Mark Weisenburger has studied and been certified in Bio-Energetic and has run his own EAV center. You can get your free copy of “How To Increase Your Profits In 7 Simple Concepts” by visiting Weisenburger’s website at []

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