Counterfeit MP3 Players - Pluses & Minuses

Shenzhen, China (PressExposure) April 28, 2009 -- MP 3 players are become our part of lives now. Comparing to the first F-10 MP3 produced by MPMAN, modern MP3 now have a wealth of advanced features, like picture-viewing, high definition video display, super-clear sound, etc. They free us from helpless boredom like on-the-bus time and walk-time.

Because of its speedy development, high-simulated, low-priced MP3 boost now. Their prices are much lower than the authentic products. Plus, they could offer the same appealing appearance and incredible functionality as the real products.

These products are everywhere in our lives. Many electronics wholesalers [] and retailers, no matter online, in the store or in the mall, have a large number of these digital audio players in their stock. Many of us couldn’t move our eyes from these counterfeit, but the rest scorn these products. In my opinion, the most important is to follow our hearts and the counterfeit MP3 have their own pluses and minuses.

Pluses: 1. Terrific functionality. The manufacturers of these product always thoroughly study the authentic types. So the simulated products undoubtedly have the same function as the original prototype and quite a few of them even have several new features.

2. Individualized appearance. Though the appearance of these counterfeit is not as exquisite as the authentic, their designers put more personality in their appearance design.

3. Budget-friendliness. Their prices are about 1/3, 1/2 less than the prices of real products, even much lower. That is because manufacturers or sellers of these products could effectively control their cost, have flexible product distribution methods, and they barely spend money on the ads. and promotion.

Defects: 1. Lack of quality guarantee. These products are produced in medium or small factories. Most of these factories have no formal rules about the quality and the production process is a little harsh. So their quality is unstable.

2. Poor after-sale service. These fake products have no independent places for after-sale services. But now, almost all of their manufacturers offer one-year return policy. So you have less worries.

3. Upgrade difficulty. Manufacturers of fake products don’t have their own ability of research and development. They couldn’t offer firmware upgrade like authentic products manufacturers.

Buying the MP3 that you want is worth of every penny you spent. Whatever you like, you need to consider your budget. More important, don’t disobey your heart.

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