Couple Wager Wedding Costs on Super Bowl

Tel Aviv, Israel (PressExposure) February 09, 2009 -- This Super Bowl season, the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers will definitely raise some interesting bets. But none of these bets can compare to the one made between March Schwartz, a Steelers fan, and his wife to-be Carol Sanders, a Cardinals fan, both residents of Lake Havasu City.

So what's at stake for Schwartz and Sanders well, the cost of their wedding!

The wedding is planned to take place in Catalina Beach, Long Beach in early April. The lavish event is a ways from home and the travel cost are not lost on the happy couple. Their plan to battle the high costs is sure to make the winner one happy but very poor man. Schwartz is certain the Steelers will win; he is just sorry the outcome has to be against the Cardinals.

"I'm a big Cardinals fan," he said. "I live in Arizona, and it would not kill me to see the Cardinals win, but once a Steeler, always a Steeler."

He said. "Carol has a small quote: Growing up in Arizona, we've been starving for this."

"I'm happy for Cardinals' fans, having grown up in Pittsburgh and attending two Super Bowls, I know the feeling of excitement Cards fans are feeling for the first time and the pride a Super Bowl champion can bring to a city and state. I want Cardinal fans to experience that feeling, just not today."

Schwartz became a Cardinals fan with the help of his fiancé, Sanders. But his appreciation for the team many be short lived as he's made it clear he has no vexed loyalties. Even though he wore a Cardinals Jersey over a Steelers one for the NFC Championship in Phoenix a few weeks ago, when ot comes down to choosing sides, Swartz in a Steelers man all the way. "Although my body resides in Havasu, my heart still lives in Pittsburgh." He Said.

Tonight the couple will be attending a Super Bowl Party at their friend's house. At the party Schwartz will probably be the only Steelers fan in the room. He said that he will sit in harm's way just in case fists might fly. He is predicting a 40-10 blowout, in favor of his Steelers, but out of kindness, he is giving his fiancée the seven-point spread odds-makers in Las Vegas are predicting.

Schwartz and Sanders are both well employed. Schwartz works for Fedex and Sanders is a realtor at Above All Realty in Lake Havasu City. Nevertheless, the weddings costs are not something they take lightly. Though times are bad economically, they are are still interested in a big family wedding, though Sanders has her doubts on how they will they pay for their wedding. They idea for this bet came after both their favorite teams won the league championship.

This could look odd to people on the outside looking in but to this couple it's only natural.

"I believe timing is everything," Schwartz said. "It just happened because the circumstances dictated it. We met at a Super Bowl party two years ago, so it just seemed logical."

Schwartz is not new to gambling as he is a big poker fan and player. He even attended the World Series of Poker in 2006. He is going to use his poker skills to predict the smartest bet, the Steelers.

Schwartz and Sanders might look as if they are against each other, but really are both taking this risk for the greater good, Love. Win or lose, this couple is going for the real prize of eternal marriage.

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