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Ouyen, Australia (PressExposure) June 24, 2009 -- Desmond Healy has discovered what he needs to create wealth online. By using EZ Wealth Solution and the 'Power of 3' system he is able to share this opportunity with others. Desmond states, "the unlimited ability to create wealth online is there for anyone to discover, practice and master, if they apply the 'Power of 3'." Anyone who has been trying to create wealth online by using GDI, SFI, eBay, Clickbank, or Amazon finds out quickly how little money all that effort generates according to Desmond. Everywhere he finds people who are tired and financially broke who have been working long hours for an employer. These people are just hoping that they won't be the next to get that pink slip or be "downsized". Fortunately for them, Desmond has the message of hope, and it doesn't come with a large price tag.

The 'Power of 3' system takes the difficulty out of internet marketing. It allows more time for people to live their dreams of a lifestyle they never dared to even imagine or ever thought possible. According to Desmond, "the ability to create wealth online is usually only challenging when the poor individual is given only the basic tools and then told to go out and sell, sell, sell, even though they no real sales background." They are never shown the proper way to use promotional methods or what advertising options they can use and when to use them. This is not the case with EZ Wealth Solution and the 'Power of 3' system. Step-by-step instructions are given, focusing on even the smallest detail.

The 'Power of 3' system offers the "ready to act" entrepreneur with online marketing materials and strategies that help them to create wealth online. The materials include their very own proven and replicated website that supercharges the new EZ Wealth Solution business and avoids the time required to build something themselves. The system also shows how advertising resources are available to promote the new business.

Since there is a continuous influx of new people joining every day, the content available is continuously updated to make sure misunderstandings or difficult wording is changed to make it even easier. As a result, the new members get a completely fresh and more up to date manual than any other system. The community that works together succeeds together and that is what the EZ Wealth Solution is really about.

Acting now, moves anyone looking to create wealth online and to live the life of their dreams one step closer to their goals! The pay plan, tools, strategies and team support provided by the EZ Wealth Solution is 2nd to none. There has never been a better time than now to join a system like the Power of 3 and the EZ Wealth Solution and to discover how to truly create wealth online.

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Desmond Healy lives in Ouyen, Australia with his wife and 3 children. He has been an Internet Marketer since 2004 purchasing, working and struggling with many different online systems until he found the massive opportunity with the EZ Wealth System. He now promotes and uses the ‘Power of 3’ to generate a six figure income from home, part time. For more information on Desmond Healy and how to create wealth online, visit the website

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