Creating A Product Is Easy and You Don't Need Tons of Money or Extensive Equipment

Atlanta, GA (PressExposure) September 25, 2007 -- Matt Bacak, the powerful promoter said “Did you know that offering a free CD can earn you a great deal of money? You offer this free CD to your customers for only the cost of shipping and handling. With this free CD offer you can also offer a free bonus session with you on the phone. Wait, you say, why should I give all this away for free? The purpose of the free bonus phone session is to sell higher ticket items to your customer. Therefore, it is well worth it.

How do I create this free CD? What content should I put on it? The good news is that you can put whatever you want on your free CD. Just make sure that it gives pertinent information that your customer would value. You can create free CDs for everything from eBooks to home study courses to online marketing.

How do you get the content for your CDs? Use the content you use from presentations, what you talk about on the phone and teleseminar calls from your million dollar platform.

Why can you use this information? You can and should use this same information in the free CD because people will feel like they have heard it before and thus believe it more.

Tip: You can give this free CD to your sales force to train them how to sell your stuff.

Where do you get the information for the free CD? The content is created from the million dollar platform formula. You should have your million dollar platform scripted out already. If not, get started on it now!

So now how do you create the actual CD and product you are trying to sell on it? Many people think creating a CD or a product is very hard when in fact it is easy. You don’t need thousands of dollars or a fancy sound studio. You don’t have to create or write the content yourself. It is easier then you think.

Following are the first three steps to product creation which help get you started: Step #1: You need to be able to repurpose content. For example, take content that you have already created and use it for multiple purposes. This is the key to success online. This also lets people feel that they have heard the information before and believe you even more.

Step #2: Begin with the end in mind. What is the big ticket item going to be? What would you sell at the end? For example, are you going to sell coaching or a home study course? You need to know where you want to go and have end goals.

Step #3: Fill out your order form for the product. It is a lot easier to create something when you have the order form already developed. So create the order form before you create your CD.”

Additional tips to creating their own wealth include: Follow the piles of cash. Find people who have successfully [created wealth] and learn from them. “Matt Bacak, the powerful promoter, is the person who has done just that in business and is leading expert on how to achieve quick easy and fast success” said Ralph Maupin co-founder of National Real Estate Network.

Remember, it's not only what they know, but who they learn it from. Learn from someone who is more successful then you. Learn the tricks of the trade and [internet marketing tips] from someone that has actually built wealth and not just written a book about it. Forget the past. It does not matter who they are or where they came from. Everyone deserves to be a millionaire.

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