Creating a Tips Booklet as Your First Info-Product Tele-Interview with Lynette Smith and Andrea Susan Glass

Cardiff, CA (PressExposure) November 04, 2009 -- This interview is ideal for small business owners, coaches, and other service professionals who would like to transform their ideas and wisdom into info-products but don't know how to get started and can't find the time.

If you've been wanting to create your first info-product but just have no idea how to get started or can't seem to find the time, this interview will show you how! If you've been collecting ideas and content from your blogs and articles but still haven't created that first info-product, this interview will show you how! Or if ideas are not showing up, but you know the information is inside you waiting to come out, this interview will show you how!

"I've worked with small business owners who want to create an info-product but don't know where to start," says Andrea Susan Glass, owner of WritersWay. "And most of them tell me they feel overwhelmed with the thought of writing a whole book or ebook when they can't find the time or discipline. That's why they come to me."

With info-products as a great way for service professionals to leverage their time and income, more and more entrepreneurs want to write books, ebooks, ecourses, and other information products but don't know how to get started. They either can't find the time, don't have the know-how, or don't have the commitment. At that point they need to guidance in the form of a book, ebook, coach, class, or ghostwriter.

"Recently I'd wanted to create some sort of info-product, but couldn't spend a lot of time away from my regular business activities," says Lynette Smith, creator of Good Ways to Write ( "But I'd seen these small tips booklets and thought I could manage to write one of those. So I sat down and wrote my first booklet in just a few weeks."

Smith went on to write 4 tips booklets on a marriage theme and plans to create a whole line of Good Ways to Write tips booklets on personal and professional communications. Her first booklet is "Good Ways to Write a Treasured Letter to Your Groom When You Marry." She discovered that taking one idea and listing a series of tips is the quickest way to create an info-product.

On Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET, Glass, the leader in personal and professional development ghostwriting and copyediting, will interview Smith on "Creating a Tips Booklet as Your First Info-Product." In the interview, Smith will discuss the process that led her to write her first booklet and create a series of e-booklets and hard-cover booklets. She'll also discuss how she's marketing the tips booklets as promotional items. Businesses use booklets to give as gifts to favorite customers or for promotional purposes to get new business.

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