Creations For Concord: An Innovative Charity Rooted in the Arts

Bridgewater, NJ (PressExposure) August 31, 2014 -- Creations for Concord, an innovative and groundbreaking charity rooted in the arts, has launched their Indiegogo campaign. The goal of the organization is to raise money for the maintenance of safety and tranquility in regions of the world currently ravaged by violence or danger. Proceeds to several different charities will be raised through the official website through the creation, dissemination, and sale of creative works of art, music, and photographs that the creators onboard make. Donors/customers can buy a "Creation for Concord" (CC), which can be either a print (based on a photo, drawing, or painting), a design (which can be featured on a t-shirt, mug, or website), or a song. With already around 10 other like-minded people on board who have pledged to contribute their art and music, founders Jon and Oliver are currently enthusiastic about the possibilities. "While many other non-profit organizations may share that dream, Creations for Concord aims to raise money for these causes differently," says Jon, "We really are the first organization of our kind, and although we are testing an unprecedented business model, we are optimistic that we will pull through."

Additionally, Creations for Concord prides itself in its coverage of philanthropy and its acknowledgement of crises both widely covered and under-reported in the mainstream media. As of now, the organization is looking into several charities that support those affected in the Israel/Gaza conflict, Ukraine, Iraq, Thailand, Central African Republic, Venezuela, Thailand and in other locations that dearly need humanitarian assistance. A system of polls and a recommendations section will be utilized to rotate charities and cover new ones based on public opinion. Also, Creations for Concord is grounded in an "Affiliation" system that they believe raises the autonomy and stakes involved in their proceed raising. Creators choose to either affiliate their works towards a certain cause and charity, in which all sales earnings go towards a specific charity, or leave them unaffiliated. If a work is left free, artists can let individual customers choose their charity of choice or let the overall community choose one charity that will receive all unaffiliated funds through a main poll. This system creates a perfect balance between advocacy and democracy. "It's a system that we put a great deal of thought and discussion into," says Oliver. "We believe that we're unique not only because we are raising proceeds to philanthropy through the direct exposure and sale of artwork and like, but also because we're a philanthropic organization that looks to the big picture and tries to maximize the freedom of our Creators and our donors/customers to decide where their money is going."

Creators receive 10% of earnings for every creation they sell, while 90% goes to charity. However, some people already onboard the organization have already offered to see all of their revenue go to charity. "It's quite uplifting," says founder Oliver. "It's extremely humbling to be working alongside so many people that are not only so talented, but so selfless in their pursuit of philanthropy." Thus, Creations for Concord requires donations in order to deal with website maintenance, shipping, and printing. The organization needs to pay for the printing and delivery of several works of art in order to make sure a majority of money goes to charities. If enough fundraising profits are earned, Creations For Concord can launch in full steam and incentivize people from all walks of life to donate to charity in return for some true masterpieces of art. Artists, customers, and most importantly, those in need will be able to reap the benefits of a community that truly care about one another.

About Creations For Concord

Our goal is to raise money for the promotion of stability and tranquility in regions of the world currently ravaged by violence or danger. We wish to further this objective by harnessing the creativity of artists, designers, and musicians within our global community. Within the next month, our initiative will see regular updates and implementations.

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