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Portland, OR (PressExposure) October 10, 2008 -- Creating fresh ideas daily while working long hours can be a big challenge. But continuing improvements in creativity solutions such as ThoughtOffice brainstorming software can remove many of the creative blocks, and speed the process. The resulting stream of new ideas can make all the difference between secure, well-paid employment, or a second-rate income plagued by competitive threats from co-workers.

"Not to foster fear in the minds of working men and women, but it's true when we say 'creativity is a cash business'," comments Mark Alan Effinger, CEO of ThoughtOffice Corporation, a business productivity and creativity software developer located in Vancouver, Washington. "Whether you're in the shipping department, just starting your career, or are the CEO and Founder of your company, the ability to generate creative solutions to real-world problems is enormously valuable. Less-creative employees keep the production lines running smoothly, but the creative ones get promoted, as described in Richard White's classic 'The Entrepreneur's Manual'."

ThoughtOffice Corporation provides several brainstorming solutions that share a common thread, in that they work using two opposite but complementary processes to generate new ideas. Part 1 guides users to drill down on a problem ( ), clarifying it and defining it acutely, using questions, prompts and content from PhDs, MBAs, and other successful business leaders.

The software's second part ( ) works in an entirely different direction; by helping the user find stream-of-consciousness associations, the solution can often be found by following a thread from one word to another. So a color may remind the user of a bird with plumage of that hue, leading to an idea involving wood from South America, the native land of that same bird. Once the problem is clearly defined, these webs of associations radiate out from the initial ideas, making it possible to develop dozens, often hundreds, of ideas in a matter of minutes or hours.

"For the last 15 years I've been running advertising businesses, and if I didn't have creativity programs to provide creative idea support, I would probably have been out of business years ago," says Effinger, who collaborated with Marsh Fisher of IdeaFisher and Century 21 fame. "Now I can take a new hire, teach them the software in 2 hours, and let them drive the creative process, freeing me up to actually run my business again. It's very liberating when you know that anyone can be creative, not just the so-called 'professionals'."

Mr. Effinger also adds, "I can take an hour or two at a coffee shop, on any given day, and with just my laptop and this software, I can develop 5-10 headlines for advertisements, then create another half-dozen solutions to business growth issues. Not only is the process invigorating, but the new ideas sort of cascade, leading to more and better ideas, eventually turning into increased revenue and improved business processes. But one of the greatest benefits of accessing this fountain of creativity, in my opinion, is the hope that comes with it. If you took the time every day to develop one truly creative solution, there's no way you could fail. The future belongs to those who can think fast, and creatively."

About ThoughtOffice ThoughtOffice Corporation is a Vancouver, Washington, based technology firm focusing on business process development and innovation. Since 1986, the company founders have successfully started and sold nearly a dozen companies, from advertising to laser display technology, software to internet e-commerce. The development team apprenticed with Marsh Fisher, co-founder of Century 21 Real Estate and founder of IdeaFisher, one of the first and most popular brainstorming software programs. The result, ThoughtOffice, makes brainstorming and innovation software practical for daily use in business and academia. ThoughtOffice Corporation can be reached at 360-450-6888 or

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