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Wilbraham, MA (PressExposure) June 11, 2009 -- Manny Teixeira and his team at the Vaz Group found [] have a new business opportunity based on credit repair services that is unique among internet home-based businesses. This business is focused on helping its customers instead of simply being a vehicle for making the “upline” rich. This opportunity focuses on credit repair services and helping people repair damaged credit while saving thousands of dollars.

Timely Product to Sell Credit repair services and credit scores have been very popular in the news lately. With the current credit crisis, mortgage companies, and banks all over the world are tightening their lending practices. Credit repair services are a critical part of help that consumers need today. As a result, credit repair services are in high demand but there are few options that ordinary people can choose from that are both affordable and effective.

Robert Marsh from Mateno, IL says “After your service I knew any idiot (including me) could get their credit fixed. As long as they could click a button they could do this. I went through your site and the next thing I knew, my credit was in good standings."

“I must give you my highest 5-star recommendation! We were trying for months and months to get a good home loan. The problem wasn't getting a home loan though, it was getting one with a good interest rate. We'd qualify for a 11.5% rate, but who can pay that? After your service, we were approved for a 6.25% rate. Again, my hats off to you, nice work," said John Orlando of Caulfield, MO.

The Credit Repair Services team from Manny Teixeira has real solutions for real people’s needs.

Good Credit vs. Bad Credit - How Much Can Someone Really Save? Good credit, or a good credit score, is very important. Having a good credit score or improving a credit score through credit repair services can save a consumer thousands of dollars.

Overall the Fast Score System can: 1) Delete negative items in their client’s credit reports 2) Boost their credit scores quickly 3) Allow customers to earn a great income while they repair their credit

New Business Opportunity with Full Support With the Rapid Score System and their Credit Repair Services, the person who wants to improve their credit can do so quickly, easily and with relatively lower cost than hiring an attorney. There is also a tremendous business opportunity associated credit repair services. The home based entrepreneur looking for to start a part-time or full time business has a huge market to sell the Rapid Score System’s credit repair services. Manny and the team at Rapid Score System have the first online system ever created for this program, even though it has been around for over a decade. The money making system with the credit repair services sells easily. It is also backed by a full online sales staff to support the home-based entrepreneur. The online staff will take a new prospect’s calls and help close sales. Manny Teixeira shares, “The opportunity is about working smarter, not harder…”

In conclusion, Many Teixeira and the Rapid Score System is a great new business opportunity that also provides a lot of value to the customers. The business offers a great combination of low start up costs and plenty of online support.

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Manny Teixeira has been marketing affordable opportunities from home and helping other people do the same for the last 13 years. He has been able to maintain a 6 figure income working part-time from home even through numerous mistakes, errors and hard lessons to learn. He has been promoting the Credit Repair Services of the Fast Score System using direct response mailing systems and recently added the online marketing system and expects to rapidly increase the speed and level of help he can provide to others. For more information on Credit Repair Services and the Rapid Score System, visit Manny’s website at []

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