Cri-report Major Development Trends of Telecommunications Industry in 2012

Shanghai, Zhong Guo (PressExposure) May 16, 2012 -- CRI-report: Considering the volatility and uncertainty of the global economy, in 2012, it is estimated that the growth rate of the global telecommunication service market will be relatively stable and the average growth rate is around 4%. The business revenue will reach USD 170 million, accounting for 2.4% of the GDP and the development of the telecommunication industry will present the following several trends.

The global telecommunication service market grows steadily and the data services become the main revenue source of the operators. For large numbers of operators, with the saturation of the local market and the decline of the revenue of traditional business in 2012, data services will be the main driving force for the revenue growth of the operators, especially the main value-added services. The key objects of telecommunication operators are to expand the business to new markets or regional markets.

As the operators are faced with a full range of pressure, it is essential to enhance their own strength and develop new coping strategies. In the aspect of the external pressure, some investigations shows that the most tremendous pressure mainly comes from the competition in non-traditional enterprises, for instance: Apple, Google and OTT; users' needs; government regulations, such as frequency permission, competitions and government actions (national broadband networks construction); the price uncertainty caused by the inflation, the exchange rate risk; the interest rate; the tax revenue and so on; in the aspect of the internal pressure, the cost becomes the most significant pressure. Therefore, in 2012, the important role of the cost optimization to operators is greatly promoted. In the past, the cost optimization are usually achieved through the network sharing and the outsourcing ways of non-core functions, but in the new data time, the operators must consider more positive cost optimization strategies.

The operators manage to solve the capacity problems and the mobile internet applications are more popular. In 2012, with the development of the high-speed mobile computing devices and the drop of prices, the mobile broadband will become the field with the quickest growth rate and will further be popularized in the emerging market. In 2012, the mobile instant information will grow largely and the mobile electronic mail users will increase from 354 million in 2009 to 713 million in 2014, accounting for 10.6% of the whole world mobile subscribers.

To reduce operation costs and improve competitiveness, operators should take various measures. In 2012, operators have to change the traditional sharing mode to new share modes, such as, the information return and active infrastructure share.

In order to maintain the market share and stable development, operators will also need to change the cooperation modes, for example, to deepen the co-operations with manufacturers and other operators. Overall, operations should analysis the whole development trends and make full use of their own advantages to grasp the opportunities in the global market.

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