Crispy Critters - Hawaii Pest Control Board Approves ThermaPureHeat Technology To Kill Bed Bugs

Ventura, CA (PressExposure) September 10, 2009 -- /1888PressRelease/ Recognizing that the Aloha State has a growing problem with bed bugs, the Hawaii Pest Control Board has approved the use of ThermaPureHeat® - a proven and green technology – as a new weapon in the battle against bed bugs and their eggs.

Like many areas on the mainland, Hawaii has seen a large increase in the number of reported cases of bed bugs in hotels, condos and private homes. Up until this point only pesticides have been approved for use by pest control companies. Pesticides are usually applied in multiple treatments and are most effective when they can be sprayed directly onto bed bugs and their eggs – something very difficult if not impossible to do given the difficult-to-reach places where the creatures hide. In addition, in many cases when using pesticides to kill bed bugs, mattresses, box springs and bedding need to be replaced, which can be an expensive proposition.

In contrast, ThermaPureHeat is applied in a single treatment to hotel rooms, condos, single and multi-family homes, apartments or offices, and there is no need to throw away the mattress or bedding.

Using superheated air from clean-burning propane heaters, and/or the use of highly effective, portable, convective air electric heaters, which work off the existing A/C electric system, the structure and its contents are heated to a temperature of approximately 150 degrees. Special HEPA filtration-equipped fans ensure the heat penetrates into the cracks and crevices in walls, ceilings and floors – places where bed bugs often hide during daylight hours.

Not only are bed bugs and their eggs killed, but the heat also works to pasteurize the structure, killing or denaturing other insects, allergens, odors, bacteria and many viruses. Any heat-sensitive items in the structure are either removed or covered with protective thermal blankets.

There’s no need to vacate the premises for long periods of time, meaning very little disruption to hotel rooms inventories, and homeowners will be back home same day. The treatment can often be done very discreetly, making it even more valuable for hotel industry clients.

“There is an incorrect belief that bed bugs are attracted to dirty or unkempt places. In fact, bed bugs are non-discriminating; they infest five-star luxury hotels and public housing with equal fervor,” says Dr. Mike Linford, co-founder of ThermaPureHeat. “Bed bugs often lay eggs on clothing or even the luggage of travelers. Since the eggs are very difficult to see, they can end up hitching rides to the nicest homes and resort properties in Hawaii and around the world.”

The ThermaPure technology is licensed to quality pest control companies throughout North America. In Hawaii, the licensee is Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, which is based in Pearl City, and services all Hawaiian Islands.

“We’ve already been using ThermaPureHeat as an effective and green way to kill termites on the islands,” says Michael Botha, president of Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. “Now, with the Hawaii Pest Control Board approval, I’m really excited that we have a great new weapon to fight bed bugs.”

For additional Information: Alan Elias ThermaPure (925) 785-2650 (cell phone) elias2000 ( @ ) sbcglobal dot net

Michael Botha Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions (808) 456-7716 mjbotha ( @ ) sandwichisle dot com

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ThermaPure is an environmental and pest services company based in Ventura, CA, with licensees across North America. ThermaPureHeat is a patented, EPA-approved technology that uses heat to kill pests such as bed bugs and termites, as well as to "pasteurize" the structure by killing or denaturing allergens, certain molds and fungis.

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