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Waxhaw, NC (PressExposure) September 13, 2009 -- /1888PressRelease/ Aquanil is a biodegradable waterless car wash, polish and surface seal, used on vehicles for a total cleaning. It contains CroftgateUSA's blend of detergents with multiple macro polymers to surface seal. It breaks down and then suspends dirt and grime with anti re-deposition agents. Aquanil then replaces the suspended dirt and grime with a protective layer of macro polymers to shine and surface seal, leave your vehicle with a longer lasting shine and protection against the elements. Aquanil can be bought in a super concentrate and diluted at 1 part to 20 parts water.

Quotes from the actual third party report say "one can conclude that the test material was approximately 63% degraded in ten days, and 75% degraded in 29 days. From the degradation curve, an apparent half-life of 12.3 days can be calculated. If so, under the conditions of this model system, greater than 99% biodegradation can be expected in 82 days". The sum of the data suggests that the test material exceeds the threshold to meet the OECD definitions of “biodegradable,” and “readily biodegradable.” A bottle Aquanil will wash, polish and surface seal 7-9 cars depending on how dirty and the size of the cars Aquanil is made to spray on. Like all CroftgateUSA products, Aquanil has no listed hazardous ingredients, VOC's or petroleum solvents. Most important is that CroftgateUSA's.

Aquanilworks! CroftgateUSA Multi Clean is an all purpose cleaner which is in a ready to use or super concentrate form. Used as a degreaser and cleaner to remove grease, finger prints, stains from fabrics, brake dust from wheels, tar or and bird poop from vehicles and much more. When bought as a concentrate it is let down 1 part to 30 parts water. For unusual cleaning circumstances it can be diluted stronger. While CroftgateUSA Multi Clean is made to spray on, it can be diluted into a bucket to clean floors and large flat surfaces. Like all CroftgateUSA products, Multi Clean has no listed hazardous ingredients, VOC's or petroleum solvents.

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CroftgateUSA products are High Performance Eco-Responsible car care products .

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We formulate CroftgateUSA products to be as safe as possibly, without listed hazardous ingredients, petroleum solvents or V.O.Cs

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