Cronulla Teens All Set to Learn the Right Way to Fitness

Sydney, Australia (PressExposure) March 18, 2011 -- Dan Clay is popular in Sydney as a fitness specialist that delivers on his promise of getting people right back to shape. People of all ages in Sydney have been achieving ultimate results in health through Clay's fitness programs for nine years now. His fitness programs are result-driven and fun. Teens and kids, who are normally averse to the tedium of exercise, find his fitness programs fun and effective. The renowned trainer is now launching his popular fitness program for Cronulla residents.

Dan Clay's Dangerously Fit boot camp Cronulla fitness program aims to enhance quality of life of people of all ages through a fit lifestyle. The fitness program is based on nine years of research and has proven techniques to help people achieve their fitness goals. Parents of teens looking for a fitness program that is fun, safe and result-producing can consider enrolling their children in boot camp Cronulla. To know more about Dangerously Fit boot camp Cronulla and Dan Clay, check their website

Emphasizing the importance of fitness training in teens on the occasion, Dan pointed out that the modern advancements in technology have limited children to a sedentary lifestyle. Many teens are more consumed by video games, computers and television than physical activities, says the boot camp Cronulla personal trainer. Sedentary entertainment leads to an unhealthy lifestyle and such teens grow into unmotivated and inactive adults.

It is important for teens to involve in moderate to rigorous physical activities for at least 60 minutes every day in order to stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight. Exercising benefits both the mind and body, says Dan. Exercises stimulate body into releasing endorphins, chemicals that contribute to making mind calm, peaceful and happy. Exercises make teens look and feel great and reduces the risk of major diseases including blood pressure and Type II diabetes; more and more teens are becoming susceptible to these diseases in recent years.

Exercise makes bones stronger, says Clay. This is of particular significance to women who face the risk of osteoporosis as they age. Studies indicate that girls as well as boys who go for running, brisk walking, jumping and weight-training have healthier bones and age well. Teens that regularly exercise have a happier and positive outlook toward life, says the boot camp Cronulla fitness trainer.

Boot camp Cronulla fitness program trains teens in aerobics and strength training, says Dan. The workouts involve the whole body and as such every part is exercised. Workouts are rigorous and there are lighter activities in between to relieve the stress of the workout intensity. Since workouts can be performed even outdoors in a beach or park, teens find the program more fun. Since participants work out in groups, it develops teens' social skills and he or she can get along with people better. There is also a team of qualified personal trainers to guide participants through workouts.

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For more information on how teens can benefit from Dangerously Fit, call 1800 791 446 or visit and contact a teen fitness specialist by filling out a form.

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