Cronulla on the Way to Becoming "Dangerously Fit"

Sydney, Australia (PressExposure) May 01, 2011 -- Dangerously Fit, Sydney's top fitness program, opens in Cronulla. Dan Clay, the creator of Dangerously Fit, is a leading fitness specialist that has been getting people of Sydney get back to shape for nine years now. Clay, together with his team of qualified fitness experts, is all set to cater to the health and fitness needs of Cronulla residents. For more information on this personal trainer Cronulla, visit

Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases are more prevalent than ever and regular exercise is important to lower the risk, observes the personal trainer Cronulla. Dangerously Fit is a fitness program designed to provide real results, prevent health challenges of the modern world and help people lead a more fulfilling life, says Clay.

Dangerously Fit features 45-minute intense workouts and a nutrition plan developed by diet experts. Explaining the benefits of Dangerously Fit, the personal trainer Cronulla says members that adhere to the nutrition plan strictly and participate in a minimum of three boot camp classes can lose one kilogram of excess fat each week. Stronger well-shaped muscles and a considerable increase in energy levels are other benefits, says the personal trainer Cronulla.

Talking about fitness on the occasion, the personal trainer Cronulla had some suggestions for avoiding injuries while working out. Individuals new to exercises or those returning to exercising after a break need to take precautions to prevent injuries, suggests Clay.

A simple precaution that one can take is not to overstretch one's body limits. Making body do more than it can endure results in overuse injury. Shoulders, elbow, hip, knee-fronts and shin are parts that are most vulnerable to overuse injuries. Overuse causes the tissue in the affected area to tear, resulting in pain, swelling or both.

In case of an overuse injury, stop exercising. Use OTC medications for anti-inflammation, apply ice to ease swelling and take rest, suggests Clay. Consult family doctor if pain or swelling does not ease. Stretching before workouts can prevent overuse injuries, informs the personal trainer Cronulla. Stretching, he goes on to explain, makes the muscle at the relevant body part ready to accept the force thrust by the exercise. Brisk walking or jogging should precede stretching, says Clay. Whole body stretch, including upper and lower body, is essential. A stretch may be held up to 15 to 30 seconds and performed twice or thrice.

Another way to prevent overuse injuries, says the personal trainer Cronulla, is to make sure not to attempt working out in excess at the very beginning itself. Take it slow and increase intensity of workouts gradually over weeks. It helps to have guidance of a qualified personal trainer.

About Dangerously Fit

For those more comfortable with group workouts but looking for individualized attention simultaneously, Dangerously Fit offers sessions that provide both benefits. Participant is tested for his fitness level every month and grouped with members with similar fitness levels. As participant's fitness level increases, he graduates to advanced groups. Groups are maintained small to enable individualized attention. For more details on Dangerously Fit, visit

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