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Rochester, NY (PressExposure) July 27, 2009 -- Crazy Dog T-Shirts is crossing the boundaries of a limited media (the printed shirt), by creating sketch videos that correlate to the jokes found on many of their best selling shirts. This ability to generate interest creates a marketing strategy reaching people interested in funny tshirts, as well as allowing the more tradition vintage t shirts for individuals looking for a more serious relaxed wear.

With the increase of high-speed internet connections, people are finding more of their lives expanded across multiple media platforms. Companies are looking to this multi-broadcasting methodology as a way to create expanded interest in their products, by building online content that matches the intent of their products.

Crazy Dog T-Shirts has produced a number of YouTube videos that portray skits elaborating the jokes found on their best selling t-shirts. While most of these shirts are self-explanatory, the addition of the videos creates an additional interest that will drive individuals to the site, whether based on recommendations from previous purchasers, or through curiosity of the content found on YouTube. While a number of individuals will find their way to the website based solely on its humorous content, there will be people who require the gentle prodding of a friend.

No matter how it is looked at it, the world has separated into two groups, those who cannot break from their seriousness, and those who cannot seem to find a moment to be serious. This juxtaposed view translates into all aspects of an individual’s live, determining the food they eat, the people they associate with, the places they visit, and even, the clothing they wear. Simply walking into a restaurant or bookstore will provide a smorgasbord of clothing options and personal taste, each one telling tales of a world hidden behind closed doors.

Those individuals who pride themselves on their sense of humor will rarely be found in anything more professional looking than a t shirt and jeans. Although their notion of dressing-up is limited to finding a shirt without holes, or at worst a shirt that has a collar attached, they take great pride in the Funny Vintage T Shirts they wear.

On the other hand, people who find that control is everything and humor is best kept to a minimum will often times be found in button-up shirts, slacks, pressed skirts, and blouses. These individuals tend to relax in polo shirts or designer tank tops, but on rare occasion, you may find them in something a bit more relaxed. While the scenario is usually limited to around the house, these individuals may be found in sweatpants and vintage t shirts depicting the logo of their favorite collage or national sports team.

Started by Bill Kingston, Crazy Dog T-Shirts is in the business of creating Funny Tshirts with messages as crazy as the owner. With a name based on the humorous antics of a beloved dog, Crazy Dog T-Shirts builds on the ideals of selling high-quality shirts with the best designs at reasonable prices. For an added bonus to their normally low prices, they offer a chance at free Vintage T Shirts in their daily giveaway. Breaking the barriers of product and marketing, Crazy Dog T-Shirts stands at the forefront of the future of promotional techniques.

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