CuBix 3D File Manager, a New Concept in File Administration and Navigation.

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CuBix 3D File Manager, a new concept in file administration and navigation.

The CuBix Project has released its first version of CuBix 3D File Manager. This innovative program creates a 3D space where it displays the files of a selected disk or directory in cubes that can be grouped and sorted by alphabet, extension or other properties. The user may also manipulate this array of cubes, zooming, rotating or panning the display to obtain a desired view.

Once a cube is selected, CuBix displays all the files contained in it and the user may pick a certain file to open, copy, delete, email or view its properties.

Once launched in a certain disk or directory, CuBix scans all the files in it and arranges them into a single cube in a 3D space where it can be zoomed, panned or rotated. The user may also transform this cube into several cubes that group the files by alphabet, file extension, year of creation, modification or saved or by file size. This operation can be done with up to three different properties in three different axes (x, y, z) thus obtaining a line, plane or cube representation of the array.

The user may navigate in this three dimensional space, by zooming in or out, rotating or panning the array of cubes, when looking for a certain file. He can also filter the cubes according to the previously mentioned properties. Once a cube is selected, CuBix shows a list of files contained that match the cube's properties. The user may select an individual file and open it with the associated Windows program, copy it, delete it, e-mail it or view its properties.

CuBix provides an alternative view to the traditional folder based, hierarchical way of storing files in directories, specially suitable when information is not naturally organized.

CuBix 3D File Manager 1.0 is available for $ 5.55 at where you may also download a trial version of the program and learn more about our product.

Evaluation copies available upon request.

Patent pending.

About The CuBix Project

In The CuBix Project we developed an innovative concept in file administration: CuBix 3D File Manager. This (patent pending) concept allows the user to see and manipulate her files in a three dimensional environment. The files of a selected disk or directory are represented by a cube that may be expanded into several smaller cubes according to the files' names, extensions, size, year of creation, modification or saved. In this way the files are represented by an array of cubes in a three dimensional space that you can navigate and manipulate by zooming, rotating or panning. You may also list the files contained in each cube and select a particular file to open, copy, delete, send or view its properties.

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