Current Labeling of Omega - 3 Foods Can be Misleading

Miami, FL (PressExposure) April 17, 2008 -- Lois Smithers and Sea Based Health explains the misconceptions of Omega-3 food labeling. Sea Based Health points out that many labels for Omega-3 Foods can be misleading therefore the consumer is failing to get the Omega-3 nutrients they are seeking and in some instances, the products they choose to boost health, might ultimately cause damage unknown to the consumer. Lois Smithers shares her years of researching Omega-3’s with consumers with a free newsletter.

Sea Based Health and Lois Smithers recommend consumers pay careful attention when buying supplements or products claiming to contain Omega-3’s. Consumers need to understand that all Omega-3 oils are not created equal. Many consumers are unaware that some of the products and supplements they are taking for Omega-3 benefits contain Omega-3 ALA oils which promote inflammation. Such products include; soybean, corn, safflower, and flaxseed to name a few. Chronic inflammation is linked to heart health and certain diseases such as Lupus, Alzheimer’s and other inflammatory illnesses. “When you look at the percentages of Omega-6s to Omega-3s in the US diet, it’s about 90% of all the polyunsaturates in our tissues are Omega-6s and only 10% Omega-3s. This means consumers used to have a one-to-one balance to inflammation and now it’s a ten-to-one based on the predominance of seed oils,” says Lois.

The real benefits of Omega-3s should be a decrease in inflammation which is a significant health benefit. Many consumers are purchasing products based on the labeling being indicative of Omega-3 ingredients, when although they contain Omega-3 it is not necessarily the anti-inflammatory Omega-3. Lois Smithers recommends consumers do thorough research when seeking Omega 3 products. offers an e-book which explains Omega-3 products, as well as award winning Omega-3 products. More information is available on the website

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