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Draper, (PressExposure) March 04, 2012 -- Cloyd has not only helped people financially, but he has helped them through personal struggles as well. In addition to his work educating the public about investing, Curt Cloyd has organized fundraisers to help people in need. Several years ago, Cloyd paid approximately $20,000 to have a chopper custom built to his specifications. The small company working on the motorcycle had never built a chopper before, but Cloyd put all of his trust in the company and worked closely with the team members.

When the owner of the company became sick shortly after beginning work on Cloyd's bike, Cloyd was devastated. The company's owner fell into a coma, driving the company into financial distress. To raise money for the business, Curt Cloyd auctioned off the bike he had paid thousands of dollars to create. Enough money was raised by the auction to help the business continue to expand. In fact, the winner of the custom motorcycle was the surgeon who was attending to the company's owner.

In this way, Curt Cloyd has created lasting connections throughout his community and beyond. For him, it is not enough to simply go to work, do a job and go home. Cloyd strives to improve the lives of the people around him with everything he does. Whether he is sharing his experiences investing in real estate, helping a friend with a personal struggle or linking people together through education, hope and support, his ultimate goal is to bring out all that is positive in the world.

Cloyd's work has helped individuals, families and entire communities. His gratitude inspires him to give back to the world that has provided so well for him. His philanthropic spirit and positive outlook on life have helped him succeed, and he hopes these traits will enable him to help those around him succeed as well. For Curt Cloyd, earning money is not about materialism; it is about financial stability, securing a future and providing for one's family and community.

Curt Cloyd owns and operates. . He has been teaching people how to make money through Real Estate investing or creating an Internet business. His office is located in Draper, Utah.

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