Custom Decorative Designer Wood Finish Coating For Any Object

Irving, TX (PressExposure) April 12, 2011 -- Dream or Reality: Does coating any material with any kind of decorative design or wood grain pattern sound like a dream? Well, it's a dream come true. With the incredible technology of powder coating, this custom pattern coating is a task that is attainable with ease and quality.

Imagine a photograph with any kind of design or of natural wood grain, and then placed on a regular day-to-day material.

To create this decorative or wood grain effect, we use powder coating, which is a sublimation process combining pressure and heat, to produce decorative patterns transferred into completely cured coated surfaces on materials such as aluminum, metals, etc.

A coat of powder is applied to a metal substrate and then semi-baked. When cool, the wood grain transfer is applied and a vacuum is used to remove any air entrapped between the powder and the transfer. Once this step is completed, a final bake of the combined system is performed to ensure the perfect fuse of decorative coating. The end result is a custom finish coating.

Decoral's system of powder coating is a customized finish coating method capable of implementing any kind of finish, including authentic wood grains, marble/granite effects and almost every other photographic images on practically any substance, for example aluminum, steel, iron, plastic material, PVC material, MDF, glass and many others. An assortment of decorative designs is available. Popular products with vibrant designs createa curiosity that enlivens the mindset.

"Thousands now start there decorative coating business who never thought they could"

To be able to transport the item to a new realistic and lifelike finished item, Decoral System utilizes a complex compilation of procedures which usually in the beginning incorporates powder coating the item accompanied by application of specific films. After that, loading the item under specific temperature and pressure in specifically made equipment and ultimately the item is acquired by taking out the film. The end product out of this procedure includes a style and finish helping to make the item stay ahead of the competition. To learn more on the actual Decoral System, kindly visit []

The powder decorative coating available from Decoral, offers a stunning and attractive finish to a multitude of items. This method can function with architectural components such as the entry doorways, garage doorways, home windows, sunrooms, enclosures etc. Besides all of these, there are many other components such as home appliances , awnings, elevator doors , decks and railings , store fixtures and fronts, transportation and other items like metal caskets, fire extinguishers, A/C grills, radiators, barbecue grills, etc.

Decoral Systems delivers decorative coating solutions via turnkey wood grain powder coating machines across the North American network of licensees. This company is committed in assisting consumers to generate products and solutions of substantial grade by delivering the engineering innovations to quality management and also a staff powered by the rising developments within the fast pace industry for powder coating procedures. Decoral not merely offers the decorative coating services, but supplements individuals to commence their very own coating plants through delivering the powder coating turnkey plants with all the current details required pertaining to operating the plant plus provides raw powder coating substances.

Decoral's system adheres to strict product specifications and possesses the American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA) certificates and Qualicoat label, recognized through the European Laboratory and Research Organization. Endorsed by a comprehensive warranty and certified for indoor and outdoor applications, Decoral America's powder coatings surge towards the greatest standards of efficiency, brilliance and style. Decoral America serves their customers with a top quality Decoral finish with 100% assurance from 5 to 15 years with respect to the kind of Decoral powder coating utilized and chosen pattern. The Decoral powder finish has various features including anti-graffiti, anti-slippery, anti-microbial, anti-scratch,ultraviolet resistance and non toxic material.

The advantages, nevertheless, move significantly beyond purely aesthetic charm, regardless of how significantly this draws in the interest of consumers. Decoral System wood grain powder coatings in addition provide defence towards the outdoor components, such as dangerous UV sun rays. Powder coated materials tend to be much more light-weight and simpler to utilize, saving on transportation and work expenses. They have a resistance against light, weather, scratching, rust, moisture and more importantly, fire-proof. To know more about the Decoral decorative coating process and its application in various things please visit the homepage of decoral America at

The company offers decorative coating services throughout the North American network of licensees or can supply turn-key wood grain powder coating machines for the decoration of metal and aluminium parts. The company is committed to continuous development in metal and aluminium decoration systems, seeking perfection in the image definition, life duration and supply of fast, reliable technical service and training with powder coating.

Decoral System USA Corp. has been active in the USA since 2004 and is a subsidiary of VIV group, an Italian leader in the supply of powder coating finishes for the past 30 years with more than 500 employees worldwide. Starting from the primary manufacturing facility in Verona, Italy, the company has grown to include more than 400 plants and distributors in sixty-plus countries: from Europe to Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Africa and across North and South America. Over the years we have affected the production of thousands of tons of coated aluminium for diverse applications in these markets.

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