Cut Your Business Overheads And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom (PressExposure) August 21, 2009 -- Out Of Office reports that it is possible to save thousands of pounds a year from your business overheads, improve your business profile and improve your business environmentally, simply by 'outsourcing'?

You can save on your overheads by only paying for the actual hours worked!

If you are paying for example £8.65 per hour (basic) for your administration to be completed, you then have to take into account the additional benefits or overheads of an employee. Annual leave based on 25 days; sick time/ down time approx 2% p.a; overtime possible 1% p.a. The provision of office space and equipment, tea/ coffee etc. Your total hourly rate for that employee have just rocketed to approx. £22.67 per annum minimum. Add on to that the 40 hours you are paying for, (with potentially only 30 of those hours actually being at the desk, once you take away the tea, lunch, loo breaks). You could be paying in the region of £47,153.60!

Now when you outsource and only pay for the actual hours worked, you eliminate tea-breaks, lunch-breaks, phone calls (that are not work related), appointments, sick time, annual leave, supplying office space, desks, computers, software etc. etc. etc....

You can improve you business profile, by employing an efficient virtual assistant, someone who will give your clients the executive style treatment they deserve and giving your company the edge!

'Outsourcing' is the way forward in the current economic climate. When small companies need to work on expanding their client base or simply need to be out in the field, they still need to create the professional appearance. Ensure that paperwork is up to date, correspondence is completed in a timely manner. When the departmental budget is slashed and the team has to be thinned down to remain within the new budget. Or the planned expansion of the department has to be put on hold; but the work still has to be completed in the same time scale, with the same level of efficiency, what do you do?

You can improve your companies environmental image. You won't have employees travelling to backwards and forwards to work, adding to the traffic and fumes. The work is completed in a fully fitted office, but the work is completed remotely!

Outsource your administration. It's brilliant, you don't have supply work space, or staff benefits. You don't have to worry about cover for busy periods or annual leave. And better still you only pay for the actual hours worked, no-one will be taking dentists or doctors appointment right at that crucial moment. The hours you pay for are the hours that are worked. The result is lower overheads and such immense relief, your daily worries are taken care of; and the impression of your company is a professional, slick and efficient operation.

Looks like Out Of Office may just have a point?!

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