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, (PressExposure) December 30, 2008 -- Utropicmedia will be setting a benchmark in 2009 with the launch of some impressive new IT services set to leave its competitors trailing.

January 2009 will see the unveiling of the company’s latest innovative product called Slipstream. Slipstream is a Content Distribution Network (or CDN), which is set to become the leading reliable global content platform.

A CDN is a system of networked computers across the internet that co-operate transparently to deliver content, improving performance, scalability, and cost efficiency to end users. Slipstream goes further by offering the most competitive pricing in the CDN industry; global distribution points; static and streaming content; content security: token-based download authorization; bandwidth throttling; rich traffic analysis and reporting; and content performance monitoring from 170 locations around the world.

Utropicmedia will also clock up an industry first in 2009 by becoming the first provider to offer global co-location services so that data or applications from many countries can benefit from a single provider.

Providing the maximum amount of control and already offering high-quality, tried and trusted co-location services, co-location with Utropicmedia means that world-class facilities will be available for their clients’ equipment around the globe.

Features include redundant power generators and redundant HVACs; physical security with 24-hour on-site monitoring; redundant network routes out of the facility; BGP4 routing between multiple providers; multiple Gigabit/GigE Lines available; 95th percentile billing; zero-downtime server moves; strict chain-of-custody provisions; project managers and staffing available; compliance officers/auditors available; global Content Delivery Network (CDN) available; high-speed enterprise SAN storage available; and an easy upgrade path.

More information on this evolutionary step in co-location can be found at

Utropicmedia completes its hat-trick of new offerings for 2009 with its SaaS services.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is the term for applications hosted as a service and provided to customers across the Internet. By eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customer's own computer, SaaS alleviates the customer's burden of software maintenance, ongoing operation, and support.

Utropicmedia is offering Enterprise Mail Guard and VaultWise Backup as Saas services.

Enterprise Mail Guard utilizes multiple layers of technology to achieve a 99.4% successful SPAM hit-rate. Because Enterprise Mail Guard is a fully-managed service, it reduces network load and overheads by pre-processing and filtering inbound email. Lost email through false-positives is completely eliminated. Real-time Anti-Virus filters also scan all email to provide up-to-the-second protection from virus threats.

The Vaultwise platform has been created to provide a complete suite of data protection and disaster recovery solutions for clients: from application-aware backups (e.g. SQL server table-level, Exchange mailbox brick-level, etc.) to device block-level operations on in-service production hardware.

Data can be the most important asset in a business. The Vaultwise suite of offerings is flexible and accommodates anything from individual file restores to sector-level server re-builds, ensuring clients are prepared in the event of any disaster. Vaultwise sits on robust Utropicmedia hardware and uses proven applications to provide clients with a high quality backup service.

The VAS (Virtual Application Server) is a dedicated server developed by Utropicmedia to allow its clients to realize the promise of SaaS. The next significant advance in managed hosting, VAS has all the flexibility that virtualization technologies provide without sacrificing the performance of a dedicated server.

Before VAS, companies and teams cobbled together existing infrastructure designs and dated business processes in an effort to force technology into a service-based model. The arrival of VAS brings the complete stack of technology and services required to power any SaaS application.

For years, Utropicmedia has been providing an array of software and media solutions for clients around the globe, delivering complete solutions with development through support, world-class engineering talent and industry-leading resources.

Their reliable cutting-edge solutions coupled with rapid, consistent execution look set to give the company a competitive edge in 2009 and beyond. For more information about their wide range of services and for advice and information, visit

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