CyberCrime and CyberRevenge

New York, NY (PressExposure) November 06, 2011 -- Starting Nov. 7-9 in San Diego, the APWG or Anti-Phishing Working Group is holding a Cybercrime convention. What's the topic? Phishing. No, it's not Phishing your boss off; it's "FISHING".

Phishing is identity theft that has morphed into numerous branches of cybercrime. APWG, states the conference, "reveals a disturbing trend in the organization of cybercrime gangs'' enterprises: a growing mastery of disguise, camouflage and deft, penetrating impersonation of trusted technologies, persons and institutions."

APWG warns "Bigger and smarter attacks are coming". But speaking of warnings, try this one on for size. Call it a little bit of Cyberrevenge, or putting big shots in the litter box.

Stepping in the proverbial poo, Internet Billionaire and Wall Street Journal Journalist Walt Mossberg made predictions for the future of technology that ended up being totally wrong. You may recall the comments made by Mark Cuban and Walt Mossberg bashing the idea of scanning to connect to websites, introduced in 1999-and 2000 with the CueCat. Talk about a dog-pile of criticism. Well, 12 million device users just voted Cuban and Mossberg WRONG, thus sending those two to the dog house, by downloading and using like crack - Red Laser and some estimated 30,000,000 downloads for all scanning to connect apps.

Even though CueCat's "Scan to Connect" technology had 1,000,000 installs and users in 30 days, it was hammered to death by the press. Cuban's quote was "It's the stupidest invention ever." And Mossberg's addition to "scan to connect" technology was ":CueCat isn't worth installing and using, even though it's available free of charge". With jabs coming from such famous people, seems they unintentionally made J. Hutton Pulitzer, and his patent portfolio famous for being the "Father of Scan Commerce and Internet Scanning". Seems like that kitty did have nine lives after all!

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