Cyberspace Invader, Lama Kalla, Exposes Predator Marketer Claims With Her New E-Book and Internet Marketing Action Package

Adelaide, South Australia Australia (PressExposure) November 16, 2006 -- Unscrupulous marketers beware! Your days of preying on unsuspecting customers are numbered, warns Lama Kalla, self-styled Cyberspace Invader of Adelaide, Australia.

Kalla’s new book, Intimate Confessions of Internet Marketing: The Shocking Truth about Making Money Online, deals fraudulent marketers a deadly one-two punch. While it exposes those who shamelessly tell people that making “instant cash” and being an “overnight millionaire,” is possible, it also goes one step further. The book provides real stories of real people who currently market their products, services and information online. Through this experienced wisdom, Kalla presents a clear, concise, sane portrait of what it really takes to start an online business.

And though she tells you not to expect overnight success, the race does indeed go to the person who prepares himself and perseveres. In effect, she says that there is, indeed, money to be made on the net, but you achieve it the old-fashioned way: you earn it.

This book is ideal not only for the “newbie” starting out who knows very little about how to execute a business plan, but also for the seasoned veteran. There are nuggets of golden ideas tucked throughout the book, ready to be nurtured and used.

“I want to obliterate the hype surrounding people making so-called millions virtually overnight,” Kalla says, explaining her reason for compiling the information. “I’ve presented a practical and sane approach to the business of internet marketing, with grass roots feedback from internet marketers at all levels of experience – from newbies, to experts, to gurus – to give the reader a realistic and appropriate introduction to what conducting business online is really all about.”

“My contributors come from Australia, USA, UK, India, Jordan, Singapore, Canada, Greece, Cyprus, New Zealand and South Africa, so it really demonstrates what is happening right now all around the world,” she continued.

Kalla, however, was not satisfied with just a book, and unveils custom-designed Business Plan Creation Software. This helps to reduce the risks involved in starting up a business, she says. Included in this state-of-the-art marketing package is also an Internet Marketing Glossary. All three – the book, the software and the glossary are packaged together – along with a swag of other goodies essential to the novice marketer – to form a complete kit that enables anyone to get started on the right track in next to no time.

“In fact, even experienced internet marketers have been using it to improve their online businesses,’ says the ever-enthusiastic Cyberspace Invader.

With a wealth of practical information, tips and tricks to help anyone build a successful online business, the kit is being launched from her “contrary” website,, where Kalla takes an outspoken stand against the hype, hoopla and misinformation about the subject.

About The Cyberspace Invader

Internet marketing maverick Lama Kalla, “The Cyberspace Invader”, fearless author and entrepreneur on and offline, defies current internet hype. Her one-woman crusade exposes unscrupulous marketers out to suck unsuspecting individuals into a black hole of financial ruin. Her practical guidebook walks you through the maze of deceitful advertising and brings you safely to the point where making real money is possible. Secure your copy now!

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