DYAMAR Engineering Releases Their Uncrackable Software Protection Solution

Clearwater, Florida (PressExposure) March 17, 2011 -- Are you still using local software protection solutions in networks times? Although we have powerful VM protection and Code Mutation engine, crackers still have a chance to restore your obfuscated code. Besides, you need professional skills to use VM protection. Now we provide you the revolutionary Romote Code Execution (or said Server Side Code Execution [http://www.peguard.com/products/orion-sdk/]) solution for your software protection in internet times, making your software distribution really safe and effective. In VM times, the protection engine makes code scrambled and obfuscated to understand, while in RE times (Remote Execution Times), we make the code disappeared from local machine. You will find all the sensitive code are executed in remote server, and crackers have no chance to restore them and to crack your protected application. Compared to traditonal software protectors, Remote Execution has its unique features:

Uncrackable Software Protection

Use remote code execution solution, all the sensitive code are stolen from local machine and then executed in remote server. When the protected software starts, the local code and remote code are linked by our particular RCL (Remote Code Linking) technique. In theory, the stolen code will never be found in local machine, neither in hard disk nor in memory. In other words, to restore the stolen code is impossible, and not to mention cracking.

What can server side code execution be used for?

Protect your software against cracking.

Due to the absence of sensitive code, crackers have no means to crack your software. Besides, your code is encrypted and executed on Cloud Server, it's impossible for crackers to find all the code. In the end, we have a final line of defense. All your code executed on remote server is protected by our advanced data protection technologies. Your code is safe even if hackers get the server permissions. So, your software is absolutely safe after applying our remote execution technology.

Trial limitations for shareware.

Our remote execution solution is not only a software protection scheme, but also serves for shareware limitations. For example, you can put your demo code on remote server, this will prevent crackers to remove trial limitations, whatever they reverse system clock or use a virtual PC. Now you can safely publish your shareware in any form, whether fully functional trial version, demo version, or functional limitations.

Game Protection and Anti Game Bot.

Game is one of the most serious pirated softwares, it losses billions of dollars every year due to piracy. With the popularity of internet, local games become networks based. So, it's time for local game to deploy a powerful game protection system and secure your game release.

For online games, the biggest problem is the corrosion of game integrity by a game bot, resulting in great loss of game players. PEGuard can protect your game server, networks protocol and packets, making your online games away from game bot. Secure your game's integrity, fair play and maximize the value of each release window.

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PEGuard Technologies is a professional software protection solutions provider in the world.

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