Dandy Project: Social Networking Makes People Successful

New York, New York (PressExposure) April 08, 2009 -- It's no secret that modern day networking websites are a lot like high school all over again. Participants are mostly interested in building networks by "friending" as many people as possible, yet for no apparent reason other than to look "popular". DandyProject.com took a different approach. The website has all common features of a social network: messaging, invitations to join network, ability to track postings of in-network users etc. But here's something that makes Dandy Project stand out in the crowd - the networking concept is built around becoming more successful and helping other people to do so too. Since members come from various age groups, industries and backgrounds, there's a good chance that any question, no matter how complicated it is, could be answered promptly and completely. The idea for the website came from a fact that every single person has unique knowledge and experience, personal or professional, which could be vital for someone else, but none of the existing social networks provide enough tools for these two to meet.

Out of all modern social networks, Linked In was the closest to get users to network for a cause, instead of passively acquiring connections. But even Linked In was unable to attract all layers of society. For example, there are 2.2 million people employed as wait staff in the U.S. This large group is represented with less than 2,000 profiles on Linked In (0.08%). On the other hand, out of 27 million company presidents, about 1.5 million are on Linked In (5%). On top of that, networking on Linked In remains strictly professional, while DandyProject.com encourages users to post any kind of content, no matter whether it's personal or professional. When it comes to sensitive subjects, Dandy Project users have an ability to submit anonymous postings, to avoid their image being corrupted. This difference means a lot for a person that needs real help and true answers.

DandyProject.com cannot be regarded as competition to any modern social networks - they all are in high demand and have a unique market niche - the website came up as an additional tool to allow users network for a solution, not popularity. So the next time you are looking for interview tips or have acne on your cheek, come to DandyProject.com and ask for professional advice, it's free and it really works. The company motto is "Let's work on something together", and it could as well be "Let's be successful together". Once users realize they can make a real difference to someone else, they understand how much potential this network has for everybody, including themselves. In these tough times when economy and people are devastated, Dandy Project is proud to offer a helping hand to its users.

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