Danger or Opportunity?

Pasadena, TX (PressExposure) April 19, 2008 -- History has shown us that in the midst of danger there are opportunities. The Chinese have a character for crisis that is comprised of one part meaning danger and the other part meaning opportunity. During an economic crisis smart investors make a profit, during a social crisis politicians get elected and in a market crisis savvy companies flourish. The key has always been to train our eyes to see the opportunity and not focus on the danger.

So what were some opportunities among past crises the world has experienced?

During the Great Depression Henry Fords' company flourished ultimately, with a total production of 15,077,034 cars on the road. Heja Bibani, founder of the Honda Corporation, profited when the Japanese were crippled by WWII; his country was starved of money and fuel but was still in need of basic transportation. Honda, utilizing his manufacturing facilities, attached an engine to a bicycle which created a cheap and effective method of transport. John D. Rockefeller maintained his optimism in the heart of the depression stating "These are the days when many are discouraged. In the 93 years of my life, depressions have come and gone. Prosperity has always returned and will again." He was right!

Fast forward and you'll find that people like Donald Trump saw opportunities during real estate crises, Warren Buffet profited from opportunities during stock market crises and, now that we are in an age of financial awareness with a great need for individuals to be financially savvy, Robert Kiyosaki is seizing opportunities in financial literacy.

What are the current crises we face today?

Now the world is facing an energy crisis in East Asia, a commodities (platinum) crisis in Africa, and debt and health care crises in America. The World Bank organized a workshop on financial services for sustainable energy projects in East Asia. Financial services companies will seize opportunities in the debt crisis and investors will profit from the platinum crisis in Africa. But who will capitalize and help millions of people in our current health care crisis?

The government and insurance companies don't seem to have an answer which means that there is still an opportunity.

The WIN Association is one company in particular, that is poised to bring health care and wellness care to the masses. The current climate in health care benefits is such that there are over 47 million people in the U.S. that go without health care benefits of any kind. Two primary reasons for this reality are due to; 1. Pre-existing conditions which exclude many would be insured and; 2. Skyrocketing premiums causing many people to drop or go without coverage. WIN Association has addressed both reasons by accepting pre-existing conditions and charging rates that are typically 20-50% less expensive than that of traditional health insurance. As a bonus, wellness benefits come standard such as naturopathic/holistic health care, massage therapy, acupuncture and the like.

WIN Association is currently equipping and recruiting leaders as Master Licensees to bring their association health plan to the public.

The health care crisis will not go away anytime soon, but this only creates a tremendous chance for the individual who has trained their eyes to see the opportunity within the crisis.

About W.I.N. Association

W.I.N. Association has an association health plan with no deductibles, covers pre-existing conditions and includes dental, vision and chiropractic in every plan. W.I.N. Association was founded, in large part, to help fill in the gap of the 47 million uninsured left behind by traditional health insurance. For more information, please visit: [http://www.winassociation.com] or call Robert Reed 281-940-1817.

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