Dapfor NetGrid 2.5.1 Has Been Released

Rueil-malmaison, France (PressExposure) July 05, 2011 -- Dapfor team has finally released a new version of .Net Grid! New 2.5.1 version contains significantly improved and newly added features that greatly simplify architecture of .Net Grid-based applications. It provides a convenient and well-designed API that makes these features more user-friendly. The main changes concern data editing, data validation, data binding and drag & drop features. The grid is now more user-friendly as it supports a convenient lasso selection feature.

Data editing

* .Net Grid now supports data validation enabling the programmer to specify whether user value is valid and pick one of the possible actions - cancel editing results, apply new value, ask user to enter a new value, display an error icon or switch to editing another cell.

* Navigation between editors with Enter, Tab, Shift+Tab keys has been added.

Data binding

* Grid interaction with data sources has been completely refactored. As the result, the grid can now work in thread-safe mode with different data sources including IList, IBindingList, IListSource and with BindingSource and CurrencyManager.

* Ability to bind any row to data sources via Row.DataSource property has been added.

* It is now possible to bind .Net Grid to multiple data sources simultaneously via IListSource interface (e.g. to multiple IBindingList at the same time).

* Data binding can now be combined with Grid.Rows.Add() / Row.Add() methods.

* Ability to build a hierarchy when data objects in one or several properties return collections of other objects has been added.

* It is now possible to create a hierarchy with multiple IBindingList containing objects of different types.

* It is now possible to subscribe to IBindingList events and to objects in IBindingList collections if they implement INotifyPropertyChanged interface. Their thread-safe processing, sorting, filtering, grouping and painting are maintained.

* Conditional binding feature has been added. With this feature the grid asks how the data should be added. For example, if a data object contains a collection of other objects, the programmer can add its collection instead of the object itself, thus skipping a whole hierarchy level in hierarchical binding.

Drag & drop

* A feature of dragging data within a grid and between grids has been added.

* It is now possible to move data on the same hierarchy level and to perform hierarchical dragging of rows while preserving state and hierarchy of dragged objects.

* Full customization of drag & drop process supporting choice of content and various effects, place of insertion and hierarchy is now available.

* Features for dragging and dropping data to external applications (Excel, Word.) and importing data from external applications providing an interface to deserialize data and insertion methods have been added.

* Intuitive automated scrolling where needed during data dragging has been added.

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