Dark House Films, Inc. Announces the Independent Feature Film, "HUSH NOW"

Etobicoke, Canada (PressExposure) May 25, 2013 -- It's a dark, cold spring night kept alive by the howling of wind. KAREN, 13, wakes to a strange humming from somewhere inside her house. She tiptoes past her sleeping sister, SUSAN, 10, and makes her way into her mother's bedroom lit dimly by candlelight.

There, kneeled down facing the far corner of the room is her mother, HELEN. She cautiously moves closer and lays her hand on the woman's shoulder. Suddenly, the mother turns around with her eyes rolled back white and huge smile spread across her face, hands covered in blood. The girl runs from the room and slams the door. Violently awakening from her nightmare, KAREN HOLLAND, now 35, is comforted by her husband MICHAEL, 35, as they both stir out of bed. Gathered around their modest kitchen table is the disheveled Holland family, complete with their two children DANNY, 16, and SAMANTHA, 6. Minimal eye contact adds to the tension as Michael helps Karen into her chair. The morning ritual of breakfast begins.

Danny's eyes shift to the side and Michael tells him to pretend no one is there. Standing next to the family is a crowd of media hounds feeding an assortment of newspapers, tabloid columns and T.V. stations. A NEWS REPORTER stands outside the Holland house and through a montage of footage showing the family's daily life, describes the Hollands as an international sensation - victims of a horrendous phenomenon that has captured the attention of the entire world.

A mother afflicted by what can only be described as demonic possession. And it all ends today; as a last resort, an exorcist has been called in to expel the demon. She concludes: "What you're about to see may disturb you."

News footage shows the family preparing for the ceremony. The children are herded into their rooms while Karen and Michael speak with the press about how they're feeling. Hectic footage bursts onto the screen, painting a picture of a perilous exorcism being performed by NICK ROSA, 60s, white beard, eccentric, hair disheveled, wearing a black turtleneck. Karen writhes on the floor surrounded by pictures of the family. She kicks and screams, uttering nonsensical phrases from her bloody mouth as Michael tries hold her still. Her eyes dart back and forth, electric and wild. Finally, the room falls silent; the invading spirit has been expelled.

As Nick takes his exit, the media pounce on him. He's drilled with detailed questions from the skeptical OLIVER NICHOLS, late 20s. Nick brushes off questions regarding his history or his denomination. The details of the family's nightmare are clinically reviewed by serious-faced anchors and documentarians: people are interviewed in the street with a polarizing effect, some believers are sympathetic, some say it's not a safe environment for their children, that the mother should be committed for psychiatric treatment, that there are things that don't add up, like the lack of typical symptoms such as a horrid smell, unexplained changes in the body or voice, aversion to religious symbols.

This new horror/thriller will be darker than DaSilva previous film "The Unleashed".

HUSH NOW is directed by Manuel H. Da Silva (The Unleashed, Cycle of Fear: There is No End), this will be DaSilva's fourth film, co-written by Craig Stewart and Jessica Toombs and produced by Diane Da Silva (The Unleashed).

Casting has begun for HUSH NOW and will continue throughout the summer. Principal photography is scheduled to start in Toronto, ON - late fall 2013.

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