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San Antonio, TX (PressExposure) April 12, 2014 -- Data Protecto Helps People Re-Think Data Security and Protect Their Data with the Most Advance Data Protection Features.

The latest innovations in data generation techniques have caused massive data being created, stored, and shared. The significant changes in the use of technology has made that happen for people from around the globe The old ways of protecting important data including files, folders, and hard drives have seen much decline in offering adequate protection. The words today are AES and Military-grade, that have given way to protecting data with super fast technological solutions instead, and have seem to successfully fill the void left by traditional ways of protecting data.

Such is the case of Data Protecto, where digital data including files, folders, hard drives, USB devices, and program files can be easily protected from unauthorized access and (ab)use. Data Protecto brings the most advance file encryption and various other advance data protection features to people from around the world.

"With better data protection tools and consistent protection against all types of data breach attempts to illegally access digital content on computers, protecting information has become a necessity rather than a luxury," said a leading member of the data security specialist team at, and one of the people actively working on Data Protecto at XCloud Systems.

With these advance features, the team has enabled users from around the world to easily protect their information from data thieves and hackers instead of being mere bystanders. The idea to make things simple for people stems from the current trends in data theft, data loss, and data leak incidents.

"People have become more aware of the threats around them and their information in the digital world. Platforms like Windows computers have become vulnerable to a great degree, leaving people to look for alternative means to protect their data in files, folders, hard drives, external storage devices, and even their source codes." says Ali J, who runs the Product Management teams at a well renowned data analysis company.

"But, not everyone is an expert at protecting their data. How many people actually know what File Encryption is in the 'real' world?" points out Aaron Ryan, the VP of Product Development at XCloud Systems, the world's leading software company.

"Digital content can be easily shared, copied, and modified many times over, as opposed to being able to safely share information with others without running the risks of unauthorized access, changes, etc. That's why we have made Data Protecto extremely simple to use. Most folks won't even know the advance techniques that make Data Protecto the world's best File Encryption software." Data Protecto has been able to provide a holistic file encryption software that provides no less than 9 advance data protection features, including the File Encryption, Secure Online Cloud & File Sharing features.

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