Day Trading System Provides Full Time Income!

Saratoga Springs, NY (PressExposure) September 17, 2009 -- Jay Housley has a proven system for making money in day trading system. He is offering a limited number of spots for one on one coaching on how to earn an income from home!

For a short time, newcomers and novices have an opportunity to work with Jay Housely to learn day trading. Jay has been working as in the field for over twenty years, and has developed a new day trading course that will teach people how to make money through a commodity trading system.

Learn the secrets of this commodity trading system through personal instruction. If you want to learn how to earn money from your home too, it's simple. Fill out a brief online profile form, and give a brief overview of experience. Different programs are available based on previous day trading experience.

With the economy is such turmoil, some may feel this is a bad time to risk money in the commodity trading system, but Jay feels that this is the best time to learn how to maximize profit margins. He states "Never before have I seen such fantastic opportunities in a market..." Once you learn day trading secrets, you are able to manipulate the market.

What kind of material does Jay teach his students?

- What to trade - When to enter the trade - When to exit (to avoid losing big) - Analyzing and charting the market - Much more!

Jay has decided to share his secrets of the day trading system because it funds his non-profit organization developed to help women and children. He founded this organization with his extra time made available through his day trading systems.

The government tax laws restrict contributions to his own organization, but with this program he can still help those who need it. By working in the field he is an expert in, he can have a win-win situation. His non-profit foundation gets funding and helping needy women and children, and he is able to share his skills with others to earn a living from home.

It's simple to get started. Once a profile has been reviewed, a personal phone call will be received to develop a relationship from the start. Each program will be tailored to the individual. In order to continue to day trading course, a phone call of one hour each week will give continuous learning and feedback for new students.

What else can students of Jay Houseley expect? Aside from the one-on-one weekly phone call for as long as it's needed as determined by the student, there is also a simple homework assignment designed to make students effective at trading.

Students also get unlimited access to Jay's email with quick response, access to his formula that makes it easy to learn day trading secrets effectively. The training schedule is personalized so that each student can see results quickly based on prior experience, saving them from making costly mistakes.

Find out more about this program. As one can expect, spaces fill up quickly! There may be a time later when there is another opening, but it is wise to act now.

For more information about this day trading system, contact Jay through his website. He will return calls with any questions to help you make an educated decision.

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