Dazor Introduces the speckFINDER HD Digital Computer Microscope

St. Louis, MO (PressExposure) September 01, 2009 -- Microscope work can be very straining on both the visual and musculoskeletal systems. Workers are typically forced to sit in one fixed position with their bodies conformed to the machine for extended periods of time. Worker discomfort coupled with less advanced optical and digital technologies have made traditional microscopes limiting and ineffective in many applications.

Dazor offers a solution to these problems that combines the technologies of high quality optics, digital cameras, LED lighting, glass displays, personal computing electronics and mechanics to produce a workstation-friendly digital computer microscope: the speckFINDER HD. The speckFINDER HD is a digital computing microscope that not only offers the very best in magnification quality, but also is ergonomically designed to reduce the stress placed upon the body as with conventional microscopes or stereoscopes. Plus, because of the flat panel digital display, multiple people can view magnified images simultaneously and effortlessly.

"Dazor began our business by creating the 'floating arm' design for task lights more than half a century ago and that development revolutionized the lighting industry because of our products' ease of movement and durability," said Stan Hogrebe, President and CEO of Dazor Manufacturing Corp. "We have been dedicated to improving the task lighting and magnification tool industry for decades, but the addition of the speckFINDER HD to our product line is a new foray into modernizing an industry."

Although there are other computer microscopes on the market, the speckFINDER HD is different. Most traditional digital video microscopes are basically microscopes that are connected to a camera and computer. These pieces of equipment are bulky and consume workspace with various cords running from unit to unit. In contrast, the speckFINDER HD incorporates the microscope, camera and computer monitor into one compact piece of equipment. There are no extra cords and no need for an external computer, as the unit has a Windows XP operating system built into it. This allows users to work with and store images in multiple digital formats and network as needed. Plus, the speckFINDER HD has three USB outputs and a video output, allowing users to output files to a flash drive or project live images to an overhead screen.

The centerpiece of the speckFINDER HD is its high resolution, full color display monitor. Its unusually wide viewing angles, more than 160 degrees horizontally and vertically, allow multiple users to view at once. The flat panel is ideal for teaching and demonstrations, and unlike other computer microscopes, it can be easily moved via its articulating arm when not being used.

"The speckFINDER HD has truly integrated today's advanced technologies to commercialize the industry's first fully functional digital computer microscope, while at the same time solving the daily fatigue and physical problems associated with using conventional microscopes. This microscope will pay for itself by increasing productivity. Plus, with its added functionalities of image storage, networking and output for teaching, training, and retailing, the speckFINDER HD is an investment in the efficiency and operation of your business," said Stan Hogrebe.

Dazor developed the speckFINDER HD in partnership with end users internationally. From industrial, electronics and medical device manufacturing to forensic, dental and gemological labs, the speckFINDER HD offers a true visual imaging system using the most advanced digital microscopy solution.

About DAZOR Manufacturing Corp

Dazor was launched in 1938 when Harry Dazey teamed up with Washington University professor Albert Perbal to create a company that would manufacture lamps. When Harry Dazey invented the “floating arm” portable light concept, the company refocused and began specializing in task lights. During WWII, the government contracted with Dazor for their portable lights because of the energy efficiency and price. Dazor was also the first fluorescent lamp manufacturer to combine the technology of the portable task light with fluorescent light bulbs. Today, jewelers, electronic manufacturers, medical and dental professionals, artists and craftsmen all use Dazor lamps and magnification tools such as microscopes and the company’s revolutionary digital computer microscope, the speckFINDER HD. For more information about Dazor, please visit http://www.speckfinder.com or http://www.dazor.com or call 1-800-345-9103.

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