Dealing With the Effects of Stress and Grief in a Stress Filled World

Richardson, Texas (PressExposure) December 19, 2009 -- Recently a gunman opened fire at Fort Hood in Texas killing 13, wounding 30 and was critically injured when shot by a policewoman. In Cleveland family members of missing women waited anxiously for identifications of the 11 bodies found in a serial killers' home. Some family members commented on the effects of stress they deal with because of not knowing what happened to a loved one. A family apologies to relatives of a 15 year old who was set ablaze in a dispute with his friends. And a recent study shows autism is on the rise with a 50% increase over the last studies done and indicating boys at a 4 times greater risk than girls.

We live in a world where stress and grief reside side by side. Millions of people throughout the earth deal with pollution, traffic, crime, jobs that are not satisfying, a 50% or more divorce rate, abuse of one sort or another and loss of loved ones or dreams. And millions at one time or another deal with the effects of stress, anxiety, grief and depression.

It would be a totally depressing picture if there were no solutions or stress busters for dealing with the pain and grief. Thankfully, there are a number of techniques that can be employed to deal with the effects of stress, anxiety and depression. For instance, there are stress busters that can give the similar results as going to the lake or the beach to relax. There is information that one can apply in their life that can become part of their stress management program by changing their way of thinking, looking at situations and reacting to the events occurring around them. There are around 400 techniques or more that can be utilized as needed to enhance any stress management program.

For you who need a more structured solution, an individualized stress management program is available. This is geared to you and your specific needs. In the privacy of your own home and on your own schedule, you can easily benefit from a new stress management program for people motivated to change the way they habitually respond to their stress. Exercises to help you at work and CD's from a relaxation series are only a part of what this stress management program offers.

Articles on stress busters and stress management programs continually increase our knowledge and ability to deal with stressful situations, anxiety and depression. And as you look for different ways to deal with stress and the effects of stress, new techniques are added to arsenals to alleviate the anxiety, grief and depression that all of us seem to come up against from time to time. Many of these may include all natural solutions as many people are finding that prescription drugs don't give them the results they desire or prove totally ineffective. Part of these techniques should include the importance of drinking water and a diet that will strengthen your ability to deal with the effects of stress and the problems they cause.

Also, the importance of getting enough sleep should be emphasized as well. Health and Human Services in 2007 estimated insomnia affects about 64 million Americans each year. It's estimated 42 Billion dollars or more in direct and indirect health care is spent for the effects of stress it causes in the United States alone. It's a serious problem that should be addressed.

In the meantime, while living in a world where stress abounds, we will continue to look for effective solutions. Some stress busters may help one person and do nothing to alleviate the effects of stress for someone else. We are all different and you need to form your own stress management program tailored to you. So keep searching. The answers are there to be found.

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