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Huntington Beach, CA (PressExposure) February 27, 2012 -- Having been in and out of juvenile facilities when he was younger and in and out of jail as he got older, Deezy Da Prince has cultivated a façade of toughness. But don't you ever say he's not laidback. If there's one thing he's learned after being incarcerated for many years, is that he's got swag and he isn't about to discard it just like that.

Deezy Da Prince was born Darius Oree in Detroit, Michigan, a tough environment to grow up in. At 10 years old, Darius was already a performer, showing off to his proud parents Anna Oree and Argentry Hamilton. Darius was a big fan of then rap superstar MC Hammer and his influence had a positive effect on him. He started writing lyrics and learned how to rap. But Detroit's 'normal' meant drugs and gangs, and if you were a kid, you're peer-pressured to do either or both.

Even with the illegal shenanigans happening around Darius, he wrote his first rap song titled 'Overdose' at 13. 'Overdose' was a song about going over the limit - and as fate would have it, so did Darius aka now Young Deezy. Two months later, Darius was arrested and jailed in a juvenile facility. While inside, he focused on his music. His teen years were not as productive; he got arrested several times more but at 19, he released EPs 'Boss Up' and 'So Neat' in 2004 on the Roadhouse Records label. It was then that Young Deezy became Deezy Da Prince. 'I made the change because I wasn't a boy anymore,' he says.

In 2005, Deezy Da Prince performed at Club I-Rock, the same venue where Kid Rock got his start. Things were looking up for Deezy Da Prince, but he was arrested yet again and as he stayed inside his cold jail cell, he gave up on his music dreams. If it wasn't for a Muslim friend who sat him down for a sincere one-on-one talk, Deezy Da Prince would have been no more.

Deezy Da Prince got his big break when Roadhouse Records' founder and CEO, George Baker, signed him as one of their artists and stayed with him. It was a gamble, but a risk worth having. George adds, 'When he came back, he came back strong'.

To date, Deezy Da Prince has written over 30 songs. His latest single 'Getting Money' is already available for digital download purchase at 20 online stores. He is also currently working on his new EP titled '26's'.

His life before becoming Deezy Da Prince has been very dizzying for him, indeed. But these days, the frenetic lifestyle is not to his liking. If it gets hectic, Deezy Da Prince doesn't act out the same way as before. He would rather make music. Deezy Da Prince explains, 'Music relaxes me. If I have anything on my mind, if I'm angry or anything, I'll just sit down and write about how I'm feeling at that time and it calms me down'.

Deezy Da Prince is also optimistic about his music future. He sees himself being on the red carpet, at the Soul Train Awards, and even winning a Grammy. 'I want to do all types of music - everything from country to the blues to rap. I plan on producing and engineering my own music and am in the process of getting my own studio, but I always want to work with other artists'.

What keeps Deezy Da Prince focused? Thanks to his daughter Sha'mya and a new baby on the way. Not bad for someone who lived in the gutter of crime. Your past shouldn't stunt you - the main thing is how you would turn your life around.

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