Demand For Portable Air Conditioning Units Takes An Upward Turn

Fuengirola, Espana (PressExposure) April 05, 2012 -- Portable air conditioning systems are the modern solution to overpowering heat, and as technology improves the demand for these units has taken an upward turn.

The world's climate is changing and consumers in the UK are now compelled to look for solutions to keep cool in the summer months. This is not unique to the UK, the whole world is seeing a vast difference in weather patterns, thus nearly every nation has to rethink the way they heat and cool their homes.

Since Roman times, there have been many inventions to keep us cool, but since the creation of the very first large-scale electrical air conditioning, when Willis H Carrier figured out the way to compress and pump gases to keep us cool, the phenomenon of the portable air conditioner has evolved to give us huge technology improvements and presented the consumer with the perfect solution to keep cool in the long hot summer months.

Modern day consumers are always looking for cost effective pricing and convenience with any appliance they purchase, and if in the market for a complete system to either cool or heat the home, portable air conditioning units deliver both these demands.

There is a lot to be said for a portable piece of equipment of any kind, simply because they are moveable objects. Many homeowners are now of the mindset that with weather in the UK so unpredictable and often hot weather taking us by surprise that investing in portable air conditioning is well worth thinking about.

The latest technological advances have moved at break neck speed and now on the market are the self-evaporating technology, this up-to-date method of re-use of the water the unit creates, is far superior to portable models used years ago.

This self-evaporating technology simply means that during the cooling process, water is removed from the air into the unit. Most of this water is then recycled and used to cool the compressor and make the unit run more efficiently, and more importantly improving cooling as well as saving energy.

Portable air conditioners with this latest technology can re-use approximately 75% of the water it creates; furthermore any reputable air conditioning specialists would advocate the purchase of these units. This is becoming a fast growing industry simply because units such as these are now a necessity in the home and office.

A spokesman for Climachill a reputable air conditioning company located on the South coast of the UK said "we offer a very high standard of professionalism, safety, and customer care, but also good news to the consumer a very competitive and fair price. Currently we have a huge Web sale and a portable air conditioning unit can be purchased at a ridiculous price. All our engineers are fully qualified and fully insured, and we are a REFCOM registered company which simply means the company is competent to handle refrigerant in the UK. Portable air conditioning units are the way forward for the homeowner, simply because they are portable and can be moved to any room in the home to give instant cooling or heating, just plug in and go".

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