Demographic Targeting From DMS Advertising Refines Delivery Of Door Hanger Flyers

Chicago, IL (PressExposure) July 11, 2014 -- DMS Advertising has several door-to-door flyer distribution techniques that effectively get the word out for their customers. One of the company's most popular techniques involves Demographic Targeting. Using this method of flyer distribution, advertisers can target homeowners based on very specific demographic data. This technique allows advertisers to focus their time and money on the consumers who are most likely to make a purchase.

"Demographic Targeting is a cost-effective way to advertise door-to-door. Instead of blanket advertising, which can be hit or miss, this targeted method puts the flyers in the hands of those who are most likely to buy that particular product or service. It's a more precise way to target door hangers and reach residential consumers," said Jed Knedson of DMS Advertising (

Demographic Targeting divides consumers into groups based on certain criteria. This information can help advertisers determine their target audience for particular products and develop door hanger flyers that are geared towards a specific demographic. DMS Advertising currently has over 700 demographic categories to choose from such as:

1. Age
2. Household Income
3. Gender
4. Marital Status
5. Children in the home or not
6. Home Value

Separating consumers by demographics also allows advertisers to tailor ads to appeal to specific groups. Businesses can use demographic targeting to develop different ads for the same product but that appeal to different consumers in different ways.

"Blanket advertising or market saturation just doesn't work as well as it used to. So we started using mapping software to layer information in geographic areas, which helps us identify the consumers who are most likely to buy or pay for our client's products or services. It's a very effective way to contain costs and make the most of marketing dollars," said Knedson.

Advertisers can save money on printing and delivery costs by refining the delivery of their door hanger flyers to focus only on those most likely to make a purchase. In addition to demographic targeting, DMS Advertising can refine flyer delivery by zip code, neighborhood, radius or multi-radius. The company offers graphic design and printing services along with the physical delivery of door hangers.

DMS Advertising was founded in 2003 in the Chicago suburbs. By 2005, the company was expanding nationally. Today, they have worked with some of the most recognized Fortune 500 companies in the United States including: Toyota, Best Buy, Dominos and Verizon.

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About DMS Advertising, Inc.

DMS is a nationwide door-to-door advertising company that services any major or micro market in the United States. Turnkey service provides clients with the ability to print and distribute in targeted areas anywhere in the United States. The company's unique approach to each distribution allows them to fully develop campaigns from start to finish. In 2012, DMS distributed door-to-door in 46 different states and 500 different cities and towns. DMS is committed to helping clients create the right campaign that will generate the most exposure, and give them the best opportunity for return on investment.

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