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Allen, TX (PressExposure) April 14, 2011 -- Medflow Capital, Inc. is offering loans to Dentists nationwide. They offer loans from $20,000 to over $5 Million. They are offering Working Capital, Debt Consolidation, Practice Acquisitions, and Accounts Receivable Financing. With over 16 years of experience getting loans for Dentists, Medflow Capital, Inc. is a trusted source for Dentists for their personal and practice loan needs.

Medflow Capital's Working Capital loans can help Dentists maintain cash flow levels which is the life-blood of any successful practice. Working Capital can help with many areas;

• Purchasing new equipment
• Hiring new staff
• Help with relocation expenses
• Advertising
• Remodeling
• Payroll
• Taxes
• Practice Expansion, etc.

Medflow Capital also helps Dentists with Debt Consolidation. Instead of paying high interest rates on several loans, they can consolidate those loans into one easy to manage loan with a low interest rate. Unlike most lenders, Medflow Capital's loans do not have any Pre-Payment Penalty which allows for early payoff at their choice. With loan rates starting at 5% and terms up to 20 years, Medflow Capital makes it easy for Dentists to consolidate their debt.

Many Dentists are looking to buy another practice and Medflow Capital has the best rates and terms available for their next Practice Acquisition. Contact them today for details.

Medflow Capital is offering Accounts Receivable Financing to Dentists as well. They can get Dentists up to $500,000 in less than 10 days. With their Credit Card / Insurance Receivables Program, they can get Dentists immediate cash to expand their practice, purchase new Medical Equipment, hire new Physicians or Employees, etc, or just simply use the money for whatever needs they currently have. Once one of their physician clients are approved for their Credit Card/ Insurance Receivable Program, the funds will go straight into their bank account. It's that simple!

What are the Benefits of their Credit Card / Insurance Receivables Program?

• It is unsecured. There is also no Personal Guarantee required.

• There are no fixed terms. A Dentists' payback is based on the percentage of their Credit Card sales and Insurance Receivables which gives them a flexible payback structure that flows right along with their practice.

• What about poor credit? Not a problem! Medflow Capital bases their decision on their successful earning track record.

• They offer fast funding! They are able to obtain an approval in 48 hrs and funding takes less than 10 days!

• Medflow Capital, Inc. has a 90% Approval Rate!

How does their Credit Card / Insurance Receivables Program work?

• Let's say a Dentists owns a practice that does $50K/month in combined Credit Card sales and Insurance Receivables. Medflow Capital will advance them up to 2.5 times their monthly Credit Card Sales or $125,000.00!!

• Their Factor (The Advance Provider), will take a small percentage of a Dentists' daily Credit Card sales or Insurance Receivables or a combination of both to pay back the advance instead of them having to write a check out each month. It's all done automatically through their Credit Card Processor or they set up a Virtual Account which is a paperless account for a physician's Insurance Receivables.

• Typical Payback is between 6 and 9 months. 85% of clients come back to renew! This shows how effective this program works!

What do you need to qualify?

• A Dentist must own their own Practice.

• Currently process Credit Cards

• Have a minimum of $2,500/month in Visa and MasterCard sales or a combined amount of $10,000/month with both Credit Cards and Insurance Receivables.

Applying for their either of their loans or their Credit Card / Insurance Receivables Program is simple. Because there is very little paperwork involved, approvals are obtained within 48 hrs. Simply fill out their 1-Minute Application at [] and one of their Loan Specialists will contact you within 24-hrs! You can also reach them by phone at 800-219-2301.

About Medflow Capital, Inc.

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