Dentists Need a New Dental Marketing Plan for the Imminent Economic Crash

Canoga Park, CA (PressExposure) July 26, 2011 -- Before World War II, inflation did not exist in the United States the way it does now. Beforehand, inflation existed during the Civil War, but once the war ended, inflation dropped. With the conclusion of World War II, inflation did not drop like it did for the Civil War because the war efforts were not dismantled due to the Cold War, the Korean, Vietnam and Iraq wars and now the current wars in Afghanistan and Libya. Many economists agree that inflation is here to stay and is increasing at a rapid rate.

Clearly, this spells concern for many small business owners, but especially for solo medical and dental practitioners. The decade of the 1990s showed vast economic prosperity, but many of these healthcare practitioners did not use any dental marketing to promote their services and coasted instead on their existing patients who were able to afford elective treatments. This resulted in numerous doctors and dentists who failed to put money away in savings, not only for a difficult economic climate, but also for planned retirements, which have been indefinitely postponed due to the loss of their patient bases stemming from the market crash in 2008. Now, with the threat of second crash on the horizon, dentists must try an inexpensive dental marketing plan in order for their practices to continue.

"When disasters come, you have to act on them in order to survive," says Mr. Helmut G. Flasch, a dental practice management consultant and CEO of Doctor Relations, Inc., a dental consulting firm based in the Greater Los Angeles area. "You have to prepare and you have to start preparing now, because if the economy crashes again, a lead-time prep of two years is better than trying to prepare five minutes before disaster strikes," he says.

Mr. Flash continues by explaining how inflation does not produce goods or services and that the current upward rise of inflation is not normal. "The U.S. government is running out of money and if inflation continues to rise, it has nowhere to go but down. However, the present conditions gives you a great opportunity to learn how to shelter yourself in an economic storm," says Mr. Flasch.

Mr. Flasch stresses that everyone has a skill or a service that they can provide to people who will be able to afford to pay for it. He stresses that dentists especially must learn how to apply new and inexpensive dental marketing methods to raise their visibility by getting involved with their local communities, rather than relying on referrals from other patients and their professional peers. "Marketing is all about making some noise and being seen and it's better to start doing that right now in your community while the economy wavers for the next couple of years than to start your efforts in the midst of a full-blown crash, which won't do you any good at all, This is not about fear and paranoia, it's about being smart," concludes Mr. Flasch.

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