Derek Greenwood, CEO of EON Systems, Demonstrates How Billing and EHR Software Becomes Easy to Use

Clearwater, FL (PressExposure) July 28, 2011 -- When some software companies talk about ease of use, they talk about using it on your cell phone or being able to use your finger instead of a keyboard. That is more a function of hardware than software. If the hardware will let you use your finger, then most software will too. The real question, when it comes to ease of use, is whether the software, in an attempt to be easy to use, loses critical functionality. After all, a billing program that does not track your outstanding bills so you can instantly see which insurance company to chase up and for the exact amounts owed is not really easy to use. Why? Because it will add more work for you to carry out that function. A plastic dog is easier to keep clean than a real dog, but it doesn't provide much enjoyment or much in the way of function. A TV with no buttons to press would just play one station, but it would sure be easy to use.

So what do you look for to determine ease of use? Looking at demonstration videos or even live demonstrations does not always show you how easy it will be to use in your office. What do you look for? Derek Greenwood, CEO of EON Systems, developed software for chiropractors, physical therapists and multi-disciplinary practices. One practitioner, seeing Greenwood at a convention asked him how easy it was to use EON software. He told the practitioner to go around to all of the software booths and find out how many clicks it takes to get a patient checked in, their services and payments entered and the patient rescheduled. The practitioner came back and said they range from about 20 to 40. EON's The Practice Solution software took no more than 10 clicks.

So calculate that out. If you saved 10 clicks per patient visit and had 200 visits per week, that would save you at least 2000 clicks. It sure makes your fingers ache to think how many times you have to click! Now using your finger on a touch screen is no different. You still have to point your finger that many times. It does not reduce because you use your finger instead of a mouse.

Next time you review software, ask the question, "how many clicks do I have to make to check a patient through from sign-in to sign-out?" Make sure they don't skip any steps like printing the patient's receipt or entering the services and payment made.

This is one of many tips offered by Greenwood in his free public service webinar on "How to Choose Software in the New EHR World." For more information, call (800) 955-6448 or visit and click on the link at the bottom of that page to register for the webinar.

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EON Systems develops billing, scheduling and EHR software for chiropractic, physical therapy and multi-disciplinary practices. For more information, visit or call (727) 298-5502.

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