Desert Rose 1.0 is now available from Axis Open Source

Scottsdale, AZ (PressExposure) August 03, 2007 -- Desert Rose is a set of software tools for building web applications in PHP/MySQL. The product of 6 years of research and best practices, Desert Rose allows you to rapidly build and maintain your MySQL database, then quickly build your PHP front end and properly test your new application.

Developers at Axis Open Source have been building database driven web applications since 1995. Using their experience, they put many of their best practices and methodologies into the Desert Rose system. They started by finding the best GUI software. Because, Web application development should be as easy as desktop application development, Desert Rose makes it possible.

Axis combined SQLyog Enterprise (the leading MySQL GUI), CodeCharge(the best web application GUI) and BadBoy(the leading web application testing GUI) into one software system (Desert Rose). Desert Rose is not just for building, it has several tools to maintain your application. Tools such as "Source Hunter," which allows you to instantly search all of your web code. Allowing you to find out, if you change a column name in a table, which pages would it break. This is very useful when your web application reaches more than just a few pages. Many of today's web applications can have hundreds or even thousands of web pages. Source Hunter not only tells you which pages to fix, it tells you what line of code in each page to fix and shows you the code. Desert Rose features a MySQL backup system over 20x faster than MySQL Dump.

Realizing software tools are not enough, Axis built an extensive database structure in MySQL. Why? So you don't have to... Many application developers don't want to have to fuss with database structures. The team at Axis came up with a database structure that gives developers a good foundation to start their application development.

So, Desert Rose provides the tools you need to build, maintain and test your new web application. The tools automatically comment your PHP code and structure the application. This structure keeps your teams code uniform and easy to read without compromising their creativity and style.

Reporting is a snap with Desert Rose. The report building system is simple and fast. The best part about Desert Rose is everything deploys to an open source platform. As your application matures you can use Desert Rose to effectively maintain your application instead of rebuilding it. From 10 to 10,000 page applications Desert Rose has all the tools need to build.


About Axis Open Source Corporation

Axis Open Source Corporation
John W. Horn PhD CEO

About Axis Open Source

Axis Open Source [] is an open source software consultancy that also houses a training and development center where students learn how to use open source tools like PHP, MySQL, CodeCharge, and Linux. John W. Horn PhD is the founder and CEO of Axis Open Source Corporation.

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