Design and Graphic Ideas for Your Postcard Printing Projects

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) May 10, 2008 -- First impressions last and as far as postcards go, you only have a split second to make that impression and make your audience interested. So while postcard printing may be easy, if you find postcard design a challenge, then read on and see how these tips can make your designs more effective:


The first thing you should do is to determine what your purpose is in making a design. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Is this for business or is this for personal use? • Who are your target audience? • What is the message you want to come across? • What is your tone? • Do you want to be formal or casual? • What qualities should be most appealing in the look and feel of your postcard? • What size should you consider? • Should it be full color or can you make do with just one?

Answering all these questions is essential for you before jumping straight into the design process. The time you spend now will help you in avoiding mistakes and making major alterations in your work later in the design process.


Imagery is very important. A picture of a mother holding a child during mother's day will surely appeal to any woman's maternal instinct more than any word could.

• Always keep your image simple and memorable. The most effective images are the ones that evoke emotion and feeling.

• Remember that a picture paints a thousand words. And since you do not have the space for that many words in your postcard, might as well just paint a pretty picture.

• Imagery can denote symbolical meanings, tell a story, or simply illustrate meanings that help shape your concepts for your postcard.


While it is easier to grab attention with a strong picture than it is with text, having the right words is important for you to get the results that you want.

• A carefully placed text will enhance your image, drive your point through and sustain your audience's attention. Treat it more like a teaser. Keep your text short, concise and direct to the point.

• Also, do not forget to choose the right type of font for your design. Typography is very important as different fonts convey different messages.

• Garamond is a classic font used to convey formal messages while Jokerman is a bit modern and adventurous. Try as much as to stick to one or two font faces in your design so as to avoid going over the top with your design.


In choosing what colors to use, always keep in mind what a particular color signifies. For example, black and white exudes class and sophistication while red indicates power and passion. Take time to know these little subtleties and it will make your design more attractive and effective as well.


It is better if you let the professionals deal with the postcard printing process. You can ask around for prices or better yet, search the internet for online printing companies. There are many online printing companies that offer a variety of services to your liking. You can even have them look and send in their suggestions about how your design should look.

Using high quality printers and ink plus an aqueous finish, these companies will make your postcards look like it was professionally made. You can also have your postcards mailed or delivered to you or directly to the ones you want to send it to making postcard printing all the more convenient for you.

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