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Sliema, Malta (PressExposure) June 03, 2007 -- Einspine Ltd. has launched a new version of Desk Doctor, a program you can use to detect, prevent and rehabilitate Repetitive Strain Injury at your desk. Desk Doctor 131 is Universal Binary, so it runs on Intel and PowerPC Macs in native mode. The new version has also been improved in other ways, and now uses less system resources than before on both Mac processors.

By running Desk Doctor you can avoid chronic illnesses, like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis, which are now workplace epidemics. The program deals actively with the precise parts of the body that show even first signs of a problem and even before you feel them. With Desk Doctor you make regular assessments of your entire upper body employing orthopedic tests right at your desk. Interpreting these tests, and formulating a special exercise plan for you, is at the core of Desk Doctor. The program is the invention of Dr Russ Hornstein, a specialist in musculoskeletal disorders who is also an expert in clinical reasoning. Desk Doctor draws on his specialist know-how to give you a personal treatment plan that is much more effective than any other desk-based system. Desk Doctor is the only software that gives you a personalised exercise programme to focus on the critical areas, where your body is most at risk from strain. Targeted exercises (Desk Doctor has over 100 for the upper body) are vital in helping you avoid developing RSI.

Desk Doctor knows when you should next exercise. It monitors your computer activity and calculates a ‘Health Score,’ which is displayed on your screen. Typing and using the mouse decrease your Health Score; taking short breaks and doing Desk Doctor exercises increase it. A low Health Score indicates a higher risk of getting RSI, it is your ‘job’ to do the exercises to keep the Score up. There are no fixed times when you need to do an exercise; you can take a longer break and do several in succession to top up your Health Score when convenient. This way Desk Doctor lets you fit your RSI prevention and rehabilitation management into your work schedule, minimising intrusion. By keeping a good average Health Score you help maintain your musculoskeletal health.

Exercises are presented in high-quality video and performed by a professional exercise coach.

Desk Doctor 131 is only available for Macintosh. A Windows version will be launched later. Desk Doctor can be purchased online for $129 at []. A 15-day trial can be downloaded from there.

There are two versions of Desk Doctor for download: Desk Doctor 131 High Resolution 300MB and Desk Doctor 131 Low Resolution 30MB. Upgrade from the Low to the High Resolution is free.

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