Despite Unusual Title, Weight Control Book Is Best Ever Say Its Readers

Elgin, Illinois (PressExposure) May 26, 2009 -- While its title is definitely unusual - ...but it IS about your BUTT - many of its readers are saying this is perhaps the most effective weight control book they've every read. What they're reading is the 178 page, cleverly illustrated book written by Sergei Lipov, M.D., a Chicago area internal medicine specialist.

"Despite being unusual, what the title says is very true," according to Dr. Lipov. "Whatever success or disappointment you experience with controlling your weight depends on the type of body you have more than on when and how much you eat," he added.

Though numerous books have been written about body types - how the sizes and shapes of our bodies directly affect weight control - the classification of body types was incomplete until Dr. Lipov identified a fifth distinct body type and gave all five descriptive names that ordinary people could understand and remember - the Bear, Kangaroo, Wolf, Owl and Monkey.

The cornerstones of Dr. Lipov's ANIMALS® Weight Control System described in this book are based on the seven letters in "A-N-I-M-A-L-S." For "A" the doctor explains the importance of Ability and Appetite. For "N" it's Nutrition, and so on through Information and Imagination, Motivation, Leisure, and Supplements and Sleep. "When combined with your body type, each of those elements directly affects your ability to control your weight," says Dr. Lipov.

In other chapters, Dr. Lipov provides a host of interesting information, including how human bodies differ from each other, how our bodies function, and how to determine if you're a Bear, Kangaroo, Wolf, Owl or Monkey. "I've kept these explanations simple so readers will feel like we've just had a pleasant one-on-one conversation in my office," explains the doctor.

Numerous patients who followed Dr. Lipov's ANIMALS® Weight Control System experienced significant weight loss. One of them, Grace M, said: "I've read most of the diet books and tried most of the diets out there. Some worked for a while, then I would gain the weight back. Dr. Lipov's weight control system is different. I've lost over 200 pounds following his system. I'm also keeping it off.

"Following his advice about my body type and how different foods affect my body made me understand why making better food choices is so important. It's a lifestyle change. At 45 I've been given my life back again," Grace added.

Shannon S. explained her weight loss this way: "I fought the weight loss battle for years. Now I have lost 98 pounds and gained a lifetime of self-confidence. I used to walk with my head down...Now I look straight ahead into my future, including my desire to enter the Miss Illinois beauty contest. Dr. Lipov's system was my only ally in winning my weight loss battle."

A respected member of the medical profession for more than a quarter century Dr. Lipov, has an active Internal Medicine practice in the Chicago area He completed his medical residency at Northwestern University after receiving his medical training at Loyola Medical School. His extensive work with overweight patients - some extremely obese - resulted in Dr. Lipov's development of the ANIMALS® Weight Control System as well as this book is based on the successes experienced by those patients.

Available from, ...but it IS about your BUTT sells for $24.95.

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