Destructive Dave Gives You An Outlet to Vent All Your Anger As You Embark on a Destructive Spree

Sydney, Australia (PressExposure) June 13, 2014 -- The rampaging wave has caught on; Destructive Dave an entertaining game is off to a good start. The brain child of Sydney based boutique development company - SkyWorks Entertainment, the game continues to engross and amuse players. It is currently available both on the iOS and the Android platforms.

A class apart from the regular cannon physics and screen orientation games, Destructive Dave is a fun and genial action game. The plot of the game is an excellent way to introduce the player to the whole situation which drove Dave into destructive mode. It helps the players relate to the character and makes the gameplay motivating. The game begins with a video clipping showing Dave trying to get some sleep when he is aroused by the loud noise and commotion from a neighborhood construction site. To get back at them Dave storms out of his apartment right into the construction site and hurls different weapons and tools at the workers and buildings there.

Players have to help Dave destroy the whole construction site by hitting the various targets and amassing a huge score for themselves. Like most cannon physics gave, her too players have to flick their fingers to swing angry Dave arm in order to throw different things at the workers.

The game offers different types of targets and obstacles to entice and amuse players. These targets include construction site workers like Luigi, Caleb, James and Beno to the different building scaffolding and window panes. Players get to hit these workers who often, yell back at Dave and also shatter windows, break ladders and tear the building scaffolding down.

"It gives players an outlet to vent their anger, in a mad rampaging spree across the construction site," said the head of the marketing team at SkyWorks Entertainment "We wanted to give our players something that they could connect to emotionally!"

The game itself has different backdrops that cover famous landmarks across the globe, like the Opera house, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Big Ben. Currently the game features 12 countries - China, Australia, France and UK are a few. This fun and Genial game also enables players to play each backdrop in different light settings. There is a morning, afternoon and evening version to each backdrop giving players a colorful twist to the gameplay. To add momentum to the game, the property developer, Mr. Goldman makes an appearance at the end of each level giving Dave a chance to knock him down.

The game is not just about pulling things down, each level presents several destruction challenges to the player where he/she has to make calculated moves to incur maximum destruction with minimum tools. The player also receives bonuses when he/she hits Mr. Goldman or the chicken that is an indispensable element of each backdrop.

SkyWork Entertainment hopes to develop several other backdrops to Destructive Dave soon, to add some more action and fun.

About Destructive Dave

Dave has had ENOUGH! This poor man has been trying to get a good night's sleep for weeks, but the loud construction noise next door has kept him awake and made him FURIOUS!

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