Development Of Rfid Standards In China And In The World- A New Report

Mumbai, India (PressExposure) April 07, 2009 -- Report on Chinas RFID Industry( [] )report gives information on development of RFID Standards in China and in the World. With the extensive application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, especially the popularization of both non-contact IC cards in public transportation and campus IC cards, there have already been some homegrown manufacturers, of RFID chips, encapsulation, read/write terminals, and system integration, which have grasped relatively mature technologies and formed a primary RFID industrial chain in China.

1. Standards Since 13.56MHz RFID technology has developed for a rather long time, the related standards are more mature. At present there are mainly two 13.56MHz international standards: ISO/IEC14443 and ISO/IEC 15693. The 13.56MHz RFID standard of China its own originated mainly from the two international standards. For example, the second-generation identity cards in China is based on ISO/IEC 14443-B, while IC cards in public transportation and campus cards on ISO/IEC14443-A. By contrast, ISO/IEC 15693 is rarely applied in China and the typical application is student preferential cards.

2. Chip Design Although China's homegrown enterprises had a late start in RFID chip designing, they have been catching up with the advanced international designers in the past decade. At present China's major RFID chip producers are located in Beijing and Shanghai.

3. Encapsulation (included the design of antenna) In China, since the application of RFID mainly takes the form of cards, after a couple of years' development, encapsulation techniques in the form of RFID card is rather mature. As is well known, the encapsulation of RFID in the form of cards includes three steps: module encapsulation (chip assembly), card production (antenna manufacturing), and printing. Currently in each step China has many manufacturers.

4. The Design and Production of Identification System At present China has possessed mature design and production techniques of 13.56MHz RFID identification systems and have many manufacturers and products with great competitiveness. However, there are fewer manufacturers and products in UHF frequency.

5. System Integration and System Software Development Similar with the design and production of identification systems, there is an imbalance in RFID system integration of 13.56MHz and UHF frequency. In comparison, techniques of system integration of 13.56MHz RFID are more mature and there are more manufacturers in this field, while there are fewer manufacturers in UHF RFID system integration.

At present, China's system integration manufacturers have possessed certain large-scale system integration capacity, but software products are mainly offered by foreign vendors. Currently foreign large-scale software vendors are making efforts to develop RFID system software, while few China's software vendors have joined in this field. Therefore, there is a large gap between Chinese vendors' capacity and foreign ones' in this aspect. For vast range of market reports you can visit: [] Or Contact us at:

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