Diabetes Diet Cures Reveals The 3 Diabetes Diet Meal Plan Ingredients For Success

New York, NY (PressExposure) July 11, 2011 -- Diabetes Diet Cures, a web-based health and nutrition business for type 2 diabetics has discovered the winning ingredients for success with a diabetes diet meal plan.

"Any type 2 diabetes meal plan must have 3 things if it is going to be worth it''s weight in salt."

"Diabetes is all about getting to the root of the problem. And with a good diet it is very possible to control and reverse diabetes," says leading health and nutrition expert Don Darby of Diabetes Diet Cures.

"When starting any type of diabetes diet meal plan there are 3 things that at the core one must understand. These are things that are more psychological and if you don''t really get it, it will be impossible to stay on track and control type 2 diabetes long-term."

The first thing, is one must avoid eating foods that have no nutritional value.

"One of the main reasons why our body breaks down is because we eat refined foods that simply taste good and have been stripped away of all nutrients. What this does over time is it leads to problems with metabolizing sugar. Foods like soda, cake, candy, and white bread are all like fake foods. These types of foods cause the pancreas to work harder after a meal and over time this system breaks down," says Don.

Step one is you need to change the foods you eat and make healthier choices. Instead of eating foods with no nutritional value you need to start having nutrient dense foods. A few examples of some of these nutrient dense foods would be leafy green vegetable like kale, spinach and collard greens to name a few.

The second thing that needs to be handled is one avoid eating food just for taste.

"It's hard to eat and not think about pleasing your taste buds. But from now on you need to change your thinking when it comes to food. When you eat food try to think terms of 3 timeframes. The first time frame is What this food will do to me in the short-term (the next few hours), the next is the intermediate term (1-3 years from now) and the third time frame is long-term (5-20 years from now). What you''ll want to do is eat foods that will produce the most benefit in the intermediate to longterm."

The third and final ingredient is - do not let your emotions take over when it comes to food.

"Many of us have the wrong conditioning around food. In so many households, more food the better. Not to mention, we rely on food to help us feel better emotionally. Just think what happens around the holidays," Don explains.

The way to prevent your emotions from taking over is to catch ones self in the moment and live more consciously in this area. Ask yourself, "Am I turning to this food that has no nutritional value only to fill an emotional void?"

The simplicity and ease of use of these three psychological ingredients for any diabetes diet plan make them exceptional. Also, this mental approach to diet with diabetes is an approach that is unprecedented. This three ingredient plan outlined by Diabetes Diet Cures has the potential to reign as a top diabetes diet plan for years to come. We've reached a milestone in controlling type 2 diabetes with diet.

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