Did You Know ME-CFS is a "Serious Women's Public Health Concern"?

London, United Kingdom (PressExposure) August 21, 2009 -- Yes. Amazing, isn't it? This is a statement that was made by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the States a short while ago. As the clock ticks away on CFS, there is still very little hope that conventional medicine has any reliable answers.

In fact, one study suggests that the time span for the average duration for ME/CFS is 7 years! 7 years! The weeks, months and years that pass firstly getting a diagnosis then getting treatment causes more problems than it resolves. Because the best time to treat CFS? As soon as the first symptoms set in.

How can we change this public neglect?

Firstly, we need to identify it quicker. Secondly, we need to be aware of the Mind Body link in this condition. Many affected by CFS resist categorically and emphatically the notion that the way they're thinking might contribute to, if not cause, their symptoms. And consequently one whole avenue of possible recovery is closed without question.

However, the third awareness we need to raise is that to get well from this condition, you need to work with every aspect of optimum health in a variety of different ways according to the needs of the individual.

Who can change this trend?

Only by raising public awareness can we hope to change this trend. That's why it's essential that, even if you never meet a client, or a colleague or a friend with ME/CFS that you get yourself educated about its impact on every aspect of life: work, family, and social. Because without any public safety net that can capture and treat this condition, you're going to meet it more and more in all walks of life.

I've worked with dozens of people with CFS, given public lectures, and treated patients that the doctors at their wits end have referred, trained 60+ therapists to be able to work the same way, and set up an unusual support group: no moaning about symptoms in our group. Because we know that what you think about you create! Listen to a public talk on the way mind body and spirit all work together in the recovery from CFS. Public Talk - London Euston 26th August 2009 to book go to [http://www.openmindtherapy.co.uk/livelectureoncfs.html]

About Open Mind Therapy

Jenny is well known for her work with CFS/ME in the world of hypno and psychotherapy. Challenging conventional medical thinking, Jenny refuses to look at the physical symptoms until she has understood the underlying psychology. Controversially, both medical practitioners and patients alike can find her approach to CFS challenging. That's why Jenny is giving this public talk on CFS and her integrated Mind/Body approach on 26th August in Central London. Find out more about her philosophy on http://www.openmindtherapy.co.uk and subscribe to the London talks by going to [http://www.openmindtherapy.co.uk/livelectureoncfs.html]

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